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We Create Intro Videos That Explain Your Business

Video intros help you make a strong first impression, so viewers can quickly understand your product or service and want to buy.

Intro Video Examples

These are just a few of the videos we’ve created. We have plenty more to show you, so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!

What Is An Intro Video?

An intro video is designed to quickly introduce new prospects to your product or service and make a big impact in a small amount of time. Created to capture attention within moments, an intro video explains your value proposition in 30 to 60 seconds. A great intro video will leave your audience with a clear understanding of the value your business offers. After watching, prospects are ready to begin the process of deciding whether you’re the right solution to the problem they’re facing. The effectiveness of video is hard to overstate – 99% of companies who use video report that they’ll continue to do so in 2018.
We have worked with Wyzowl multiple times now because of the smooth and straightforward experience they’ve provided each time. Our most recent project focused on generating awareness for the launch of our newest form builder and we are glad to say it was a resounding success. The video we created with Wyzowl has hundreds of thousands of views to date, and it’s still climbing. Because of their outstanding skills and production time, I would not hesitate to work with them again.
Aytekin Tank – Founder – JotForm

Why Use An Intro Video

There are so many innovative ways to use video. 82% of businesses reported that they plan to spend more money on video marketing in 2018. Let’s take a look now at a few ways to put your video into action…

1. Explain Your Business

Brand AwarenessAn intro video will quickly help viewers understand a product or service they’ve just learned about. Once a customer understands you, they can begin the decision making process.

2. First Impressions Count

Increased Dwell TimeFirst impressions can be lasting. If you don’t make the right first impression, nothing else you do will matter. A high quality video helps to ensure your brand makes a lasting impression.

3. Brand Awareness

Look ProfessionalIntro videos are bite-sized morsels, which makes them a natural for sharing. This shareable nature of intro videos will help spread the word about your brand.

4. Boost Conversion Rates

Make a Great First ImpressionThe dramatic effects video has on conversion rates is hard to ignore. 81% of people surveyed have been convinced to buy a service or product by watching a video.

5. Improve SEO Performance

Increased Conversion RateLooking for ways to boost your SEO? Adding video can give you a new way to improve your rankings. With video, you can increase visitors’ time on site and lower bounce rates.

6. Increasingly Popular For Marketing

Tell Your Story Video is becoming the overwhelmingly popular choice for marketers. 65% of businesses who aren’t currently using video say they intend to start in 2018.

Intro Video Fact…

of businesses plan to spend more on video marketing in 2018. (the same percentage as last year)
View our “State of Video Marketing 2018” page for more statistics like this

How To Use Your Intro Video

Once you’ve got your intro video fired up and ready, here are some great ways to use it.
You know what you do, but most people coming to your website for the first time don’t! Help audiences understand your business from the moment they first arrive at your website. Having an intro video on your homepage makes it easy for people to understand what you can do for them. That’s important because confused people don’t buy. Clear up what it is you can offer them in record time with video.

Then once people understand you, they’ll be ready to begin the decision making process (aka the funnel). All buyers go through steps before purchasing, sometimes called the purchase funnel or buying funnel. Video helps prospects pass through the funnel to more advanced stages in record time. After watching your intro video, people will be more likely to consider purchasing from your business and become customers. More people in your funnel means more customers. In a survey of marketers who use video, 76% reported that video helped increase sales.

But you have to get them interested first! An intro video makes it fun to get to know your product or service for the first time. Once people are more interested in you and exploring your solution to their problem, they’ll also be spending more time on your website. Using video on your home page is a way to improve time on site, lower bounce rate and generally increase the likelihood of your visitors becoming engaged with your product. After they become engaged, they’ll be more likely to take further action and want to buy from you.

There are some additional fringe benefits you’ll get from having an engaging video on your homepage that may not even know about yet. When you lower your bounce rate and increase time on site, you’ll have the effect of boosting your SEO ranking factors!

In case you haven’t heard, video content has been exploding on social media sites. Views of videos sponsored video content on YouTube skyrocketed 99% in 2017 and video on Facebook soared more than 258% between 2016 and 2017. If you want to make a great first impression on social media networking sites, an intro video is a fast, fun way to demonstrate your value and give people a great reason to care about your company.

Once people know what you can do for them, they tend to become a lot more interested in buying from you. On certain social media networks, you can make your video more prominent on your profile. Be sure to pin your intro video to your Twitter and Facebook profiles. That way, your intro video can live on and on and be seen by the most customers who see your social media profile.

Bonus! People love sharing video on social networks. On Twitter, a video is 6x more likely to retweeted than a photo. Your intro video will also be more shareable than static forms of content like images. Because video communicates so much more, it’s only natural people are inclined to share them more.

You could make your pitch to new recruits in person, over and over again. Or… you could let a fun, quick video make the introduction to new recruits for you with the same high level of energy. Every. Single. Time. An engaging intro video makes it fun for new recruits to become interested in working for your company.

Let your video do repetitive work of pitching new recruits on your company, while you sit back and reap the rewards of automating your recruitment process. By quickly explaining what it is your company does well and the benefits for employees in a fun way, you’ll break through the noisy competition. Who wouldn’t rather watch a fun video than read a bunch of text online to research a new company to work for? More than 72% of people prefer to learn about a product or service from video when given a choice between video and text.

Once you have an intro video, you can easily spread the word about your company around the internet and on social media. Video recruiting is particularly effective for younger generations who seek out info about companies online and through social media. Studies show videos can boost the results you get from your job listings. When videos are added to job listings, the listings are viewed 12% more often. Job listings with video also get more applications – 36% more applications.

Don’t just tell new recruits you’re a great company to work for, show them what you’re all about with an intro video. Get them invested in your mission by helping them understand the important problem your company is uniquely able to solve. You’ll automate the process and save money on recruiting in the process.

Did you ever see an advertisement that left you scratching your head? Not everyone has an easy-to-understand product. Sometimes, your adverts need a little more explanation to help people understand what you offer. Because it’s pretty hard for someone to want to buy from you if they don’t understand the value you offer to them.

If your banner ads have been falling a little flat lately, consider adding an intro video to your advertising rotation. Videos hold and grab attention in a way no other form of advertising can lay claim to. Your intro can explain your value proposition — what you do and why customers should care — in record time, and with more feeling. Video has sight, sound, and emotion that eclipses what plain text and images can do by themselves.

Once people understand what you do, it’s easier for them to be engaged. So the next time you’re running video adverts, consider adding your amazing new intro video to the mix. More than 85% of companies believe video as an important part of their marketing strategy.

Grab the attention of YouTuber users before they have the chance to switch the channel on you! Starting your YouTube videos strong starts with an intro video. Adding an intro video to the beginning of your YouTube videos makes it easy for people to understand the value you offer right off the bat.

They’ll be drawn into your story and understand the way you can help them without being bored or losing interest. Only video can accomplish so much in such a short time. Plain old text just doesn’t compare according to the data. 97% of marketers say that video has increased user’s understanding of their business. With an intro video, you can capture your audience’s interest and give them a reason to care about your company within the blink of an eye.

How To Onboard Users with Video

We created this guide to help you onboard users to your web app or mobile app more effectively. We have a particular focus around ways to use video to onboard users. We look at popular onboarding methods and creative ways to use video for onboarding. We also include a ton of video examples to inspire you!

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