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How to increase customer satisfaction with video

If you’re thinking about having a video made for promotional purposes, the benefits are clear: getting your name out there, promoting through more channels and giving your brand a slick, modern appeal. But carefully-made videos can actually help to increase customer satisfaction, either before the purchase is made, or afterwards when the customer needs help and support.

How exactly does video help you to ensure your customers are happy with their purchase?

Video helps you to manage expectations upfront

We all want to make a sale, but selling a product or service without a good description isn’t particularly desirable. When your customers approach you for a quote, make an enquiry about a product or spend some money, they need to be clear about what they are buying. This helps to satisfy customers in two ways.

Firstly, you’re giving them a clear overview of what to expect: this means they’ll be more likely to buy with confidence, and less likely to contact you for clarification before they’ve spent anything. This alone can help to increase your ROI, as you’re not spending time communicating with people who have misunderstood what you can offer them. In addition, you automatically cut down on post-sales support, because they’ve experienced your product or service before they started using it. They’ll have a head start from the moment they make the purchase, and that inevitably means they’re likely to be a happy customer from the word go.

Video makes your product shine and shows what it can do

Unless you have a highly specialised niche product or service, you’re likely to have competitors, and customers are probably going to want to compare your product with someone else’s. The easier you can make this, the more likely they will be to take a chance on you over the competition. A really attractive, clear video is a nice way to set yourself apart, quickly demonstrate the benefits of your product or service and what makes your company unique. In a sea of text-heavy websites, multimedia content is a welcome boon for consumers who don’t have time to read everything they come across.

Video can also capture support queries

It’s great to have some kind of support mechanism for your users, but it’s even better if you give people enough help in the first place. Users find it frustrating to wait for a response from a technical team, and if they’re forced to wait more than a day, they’ll quickly lose faith in the product.

The key word here is ‘capture’. Try to anticipate (or measure) the most commonly asked questions about products and services, then produce attractive, concise videos which address them. If your users are continually stumbling at the same place, a video explanation or how-to guide will be hugely helpful to them. It will ease the pressure on your support staff, thus saving you money. And, most important of all, your customers will be able to quickly ‘serve themselves’ when they need help: customers really like that.