Event videos

Grab – and hold – attention at events, pitches and presentations. Electrify your audience by adding video to your storytelling toolkit!


Emergency Lighting Centre- Designers, manufacturers, and suppliers of professional lighting systems.
BJU Press Facebook Party
A network of home school mums promoting their Facebook event.
Hospitality software innovators.

Event videos can be used to…


Use video as a tool to engage your audience at events and exhibitions, getting them interested and inspired about what you can do for them.


Give your audience all the information they need to fully understand your message, and take the action you want them to take!

Why use event videos?

Diversify your message

When it comes to delivering a message in a pitch or presentation, variety is definitely the spice of life! As interesting as your pitch is, it’s always good to be able to tell your story in different ways, to engage different audiences. Video is a particularly effective way to deliver a message, combining visual, auditory and kinaesthetic elements to great effect.

Give yourself a break

Breaking up a presentation or pitch with a video isn’t just another way to engage your audience – it’s a great way to give yourself a moment to collect your thoughts, grab a glass of water and compose yourself. It gives you a pause you otherwise wouldn’t have to evaluate how things are going, gauge your audience’s response and decide whether to mix things up as the presentation proceeds.

Cut through the noise!

Pitches and stands at exhibitions are often busy and chaotic places! What’s more, a lot of people will simply filter past stands. Video is a great way to grab the attention of passing footfall, and giving them the essence of what it is that you do. This means you can massively amplify your reach at events, connecting and engaging with large numbers of people who otherwise would have strolled right past you!

“Wyzowl took the time to learn about our products and had obviously done their homework. The communication was first class and we wouldn’t hesitate in using Wyzowl again in the future.”

Kate Thorpe – Thorlux


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