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Rently Case Study
Property Video

Requirement: A fun video that clearly explains the innovative solution
Account Manager
Sarah Byrom

The Requirement

Rently is an innovative real estate self service showing solution that helps property managers to automate their showings and scheduling. With Rently, property managers can remotely provide renters and vendors with access to properties.

Rently came to us looking for a homepage explainer video of around 60 seconds in length. The main value points that they wanted to portray were: Security, Access, and Management; and they wanted to do so in a fun and exciting way to show off the innovative capabilities of their solution.

The client was very open in terms of style and happy to give our illustrator a bit of freedom to choose a style that would fit. The main requirement was communicating their message effectively.

The Solution

An energetic video that features a newly-created brand mascot

We love learning about our clients’ brands, products, and softwares, especially when they’re as innovative as Rently. It’s also a bonus when clients trust us to have fun with a storyline and create something a little “out there”.

When writing the Rently video, our copywriter, Samantha, followed the popular “problem, solution, benefits” structure to demonstrate how the software solves existing problems – and then some! To liven the video up, she worked with the client to create a funny “bad guy” character, and the result was a sneaky weasel in a top hat that has gone on to feature in many future Rently videos.

As you can imagine, drawing a weasel isn’t something our illustrators do every day. But Dan loves a challenge and he really brought the character to life, giving him a patchwork jacket and a cheeky smile. Martin, the animator for this project, added even more life to the weasel with an incredible laugh sound effect. Watch the video below to hear it for yourself!

The team at Rently were very happy with each stage of the project, and because of this, the video progressed from brief to final video in little over 6 weeks!

Samantha Ferguson
Dan Felton
Martin Bailey

The Result

– XX, Rently

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