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Written by Samantha Ferguson

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Last updated on 31st May 2024

Your homepage is often the first impression you make on new customers – so obviously, you want it to be great! One of the best ways to do this is with an amazing homepage explainer video.

In this article, we’re going to talk about 7 companies with amazing homepage explainer videos. But we’re going to be avoiding the big hitters that we’ve talked about before, like Dollar Shave Club, Metro Trains, and Poo Pourri. The viral success achieved by these videos is a rare exception, and there are plenty of amazing homepage explainer video examples out there that haven’t had such widespread recognition.

Our Insight
Homepage explainer videos are powerful tools for quickly capturing a viewer’s attention and communicating your brand’s value proposition. By combining visuals, audio, and storytelling, these videos can effectively educate and persuade potential customers in an engaging way.

Let’s take a look…

1. Group Social

We wanted to kick things off with a fun animated explainer video we made for Group Social. Group Social connects brands and influencers for a mutual benefit.

As the platform is aimed at younger audiences with shorter attention spans, we wanted to make the video fast-paced and visually appealing. And we did so with bold kinetic text, bright colours, and cute icons.

Our Insight
All the best features of animated video are at play here. With a colourful, vibrant graphic style, it creates a video that’s slick, modern and young. With a colour palette that matches their brand, the video is also a cohesive brand experience that clearly fits with other marketing materials.


This short and snappy explainer video from GORE-TEX works on two levels. For existing customers, it’s a nostalgic walk down memory lane as it highlights different adventures loyal GORE-TEX wearers have been on. For new customers, it highlights the long history of the brand, creating a sense of authority and trust.

All this, tied together with beautiful footage and a catchy soundtrack, makes for an amazing homepage explainer video.

3. SpeakOn Chat

SpeakOn Chat is a mobile messaging app loaded with unique features, like self-destructing messages.

Their homepage explainer video is hilarious. They put animals in human situations to explain the features of their app in a humorous way – for example, the llama and penguin messaging each other to show that the app can translate into different languages.

The animation is fun, colourful, and gets their message across in just over 60 seconds – three perfect ingredients for an amazing homepage explainer video!

4. AirBnB

AirBnB allows people from all over the world to rent out or stay in unique places – giving tourists a local feel and hosts an opportunity to make some extra cash.

The live action explainer video on their homepage is a little lengthy, but this allows AirBnB to present the viewer with a more comprehensive overview of what using their service is like for both hosts and tourists. Safety is a big concern of people using AirBnB, so it’s important for the video to be comprehensive.

As well as giving viewers a sense of what it’s really like to use AirBnB, the video is littered with beautiful, colourful footage from all over the world.

5. Discover Your Italy

Discover Your Italy is an Italian travel company specialising in tailor-made experiences. This animated travel video perfectly outlines the issues that arise when planning holidays (it’s time-consuming, confusing, and overwhelming) and then presents Discover Your Italy as the solution.

Our Insight
Using animation instead of live action for this video allowed the brand to not only control the environment (no need to worry about weather issues or crowded places), it also ensured they could keep their budget small.

6. Blendtec

Blendtec’s homepage explainer video is like a blend (pun intended – sorry!) of three user testimonials and a product demo.

When it comes to products like blenders, it helps to actually see the product in action before you buy it. The Blendtec video does one better than this by showing three different use cases for the blender: fuel (for athletes), nurture (for parents and children), and create (for professionals).

Expert Tip
Notice the opening to this one? “We are all about…” Maybe you think it’s a little ham-fisted but these simple words can be the core ingredient of a KILLER home page video, because they get right to the heart of WHO you are and WHAT you’re all about.

7. Nest

Some people can be apprehensive about switching to smart devices, and that’s why this homepage explainer video from Nest is all about ease.

The video uses mixed media to highlight the easy integration of real smart devices into an animated home environment. And even the voiceover is all about clarity. It’s well-paced and speaks directly to viewers in terms they’ll understand.

Custom animation is a great way for Nest to keep the messaging positive and light here, which is important when covering topics like home invasion and carbon monoxide leaks.

Expert Tip
When creating a homepage explainer video, focus on addressing your target audience’s pain points and objections. This example does a great job of communicating the way smart devices struggle to communicate with each other. Once that confusion is established, it highlights how the product can solve their specific problems in a clear and relatable way. This is a great storytelling technique to emulate!

Final thoughts

A homepage explainer video can do wonders for your business. It allows you to attract more customers, and get your message across in a clear and concise way. According to our Video Marketing Statistics 2023, 89% of people say watching a video has convinced them to buy a product or service!

To discuss getting an amazing homepage explainer video for your company, get in touch with us today!

Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/samanthaferguson/" target="_self">Samantha Ferguson</a>

Written by Samantha Ferguson

Samantha is Copy Team Manager at Wyzowl. She has written over 1,000 scripts and hundreds of articles on video marketing so what Samantha doesn't know about video isn't worth knowing!
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