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We Create Videographics To Communicate Your Data

Nothing persuades people more than facts and figures, apart from facts and figures that are visually appealing of course! We call these videos videographics.
We’ve created videographics for some amazing brands including:

Videographic Examples

These are just a few of the videos we’ve created. We have plenty more to show you, so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!

What is a Videographic?

Videographics combine information, facts and figures with beautiful design to create memorable, engaging animated experiences. We live in what many people call the information age, and yet, because we’re surrounded by so much of it, only the truly engaging stuff truly cuts through. Videographics reach out across different learning styles – kinetic, auditory, and visual – to leave a lasting impression on your viewer. They can also use icons, illustrations, characters and data visualisations to really reinforce the story behind your messaging. This helps transform bland numbers, quotes, statistics and words into beautiful, impactful stories which live long in the memory – and help achieve a variety of different business objectives in doing so.
I really enjoyed working with Wyzowl on our series of videos. From the quoting/proposal process to the finished product, the experience with Wyzowl was great!
Lynsay Williams – Oxford University Press

Benefits Of A Videographic

Conducting a study and collecting data is great, so make sure your findings receive the beautiful visualisation they deserve. Here are some benefits of videographics to convince you…

1. Visuals are Digested Quicker

Visuals are Digested Quicker The human brain can digest visuals much quicker than written information, 60,000 times quicker in fact. By visualising your data through video you’re ensuring that people process your message as fast as possible.

2. Visuals are Memorable

Visuals are Memorable As well as being digested more quickly, visuals are also more memorable. 90% of information sent to the brain is visual, therefore we find images easier to recall and remember.

3. It Creates a Discussion

It Creates a Discussion By presenting your key findings in an engaging and visual way, you encourage a discussion among people who have watched the video. It can even encourage them to share the video, resulting in a further reach for your data.

4. Stand Out

Stand Out Videos are one of the most popular forms of content and will help you to stand out from the crowd!

5. Increase Shareability

Increase Shareability People are far more likely to share an engaging video than they are a text document, even if they include the exact same facts and figures!

6. Communicate Your Findings

Communicate Your Findings With animation, you can tell a story with your data. Completing independent research and finding out new things is something to be proud of, so you should display it as a beautiful piece of content that you can be equally proud of.

How To Use A Videographic

When you have your videographic you need to share it with the world, start with a few of the following ways…

Original research is one of our favourite and most effective marketing techniques. This technique involves designing a survey and then promoting it to people in your industry. The responses you gather take the form of unique data, which, of course, belongs to your brand. This data can then be promoted into your wider industry and is a great way to drum up interest, brand awareness, thought leadership and inbound links.

A videographic is a great way to package and present your original data to the market; it’s lively, visually attractive and you control the narrative of how your data is presented. You can present the facts and figures in the order you deem it to be most significant – and do this with icons, illustrations, data visualisations, sound effects and music that help reinforce your story.

Most importantly, a videographic allows you to promote your survey findings beyond the limitations of your own website. It gives you a powerful resource to share your research findings on YouTube, social media and – as well as boosting your value in outreaching to third party websites and blogs.

Facts and figures are crucial – unfortunately, they can also be pretty boring if you don’t give them the right treatment. Just ask yourself, what would be more memorable: a spreadsheet or document with a list of statistics? Or a videographic with beautiful design, clear transitions, and creative visualisations of all the key data points?

Videographics can act as a visual aid for the all-important data you’re presenting to your audience, and this can really help increase knowledge retention. A vast amount of research has proven how powerful visuals can be in increasing user understanding. Most tellingly, it’s been widely reported that visuals are processed 60,000 times faster in the brain than text – and we can get the sense of a visual scene in less than 1/10 of a second, which might otherwise take several seconds to read and process contextually.

In an era when you don’t have much time to engage the attention and focus of your audience, videographics can help get the message across powerfully and efficiently.

Whenever you’re working with data, it’s not really about the numbers; it’s about the meaning behind them. When we read a statistic, we tend to follow it with the mental maths required to convert that into a story which has meaning to us. A videographic can create a shortcut through this process by not just listing the data, but visualising it. A variety of creative decisions around soundtrack and visual style can help add even deeper meaning to the statistics you’re presenting.

In simple terms, videographics can transform a series of numbers into beautiful, cohesive stories. They don’t just educate or inform, they evoke feelings.

We’ve worked with a number of clients to create videographics that package data into beautiful stories. This example, which we created with our friends at British Ports Association helps paint a broader picture of the important work done by UK ports and the valuable contribution they make to the national economy. We helped take a range of data and ‘make sense of it’ – wrapping it up into a cohesive, point-by-point narrative which presents the case for UK ports and their overriding importance.

Videographics don’t have to be strictly limited to your product or service – and you don’t need to have produced the data yourself. You might also want to carry out some secondary research into an area that would be interesting to your audience, and create a videographic that lays out your findings. This can be a valuable way to grab your audience’s attention and build some brand awareness.

For example, back when we first created Wyzowl, we knew that a big area of interest for our potential customers was the issue of app monetisation. We did some research and created a video called ‘How much do apps make?’ designed to answer this important question. In doing so, we were able to reach our target customers with a piece of content that was interesting to them – and it introduced them to our brand in the process. This helped generate some great work for us in the early days.

Videographics also allow you to jump on trends. For example, on Steve Jobs Day (October 16th) we created a video called ‘10 things you may not know about Steve Jobs’ which was really easy to research. It allowed us to be a part of the conversation, potentially reaching a range of people who hadn’t heard of us before.

In today’s noisy world, publishing content is only the first step. The real success of any content marketing depends on how it’s promoted. This means going out beyond the comfort of your own website onto social media, and into third party websites and blogs, to try and amplify your content and reach a wider audience.

Of course, these third party sites’ primary focus is on sharing content that adds value to their audience. They understandably want to share content that’s truly remarkable and creates an impact. The best sites also tend to receive a high volume of content to share and promote, so only the best stuff will cut through.

Videographics are great, particularly when the data presented within them belongs to you. Having such a powerful asset at your disposal sets you aside from the majority of content outreachers, and can really help open doors for you. It also gives third parties more options to help you; sure, they could post a videographic on their blog. But they could also capitalise on the inherent popularity of video content to share it on YouTube or social media, too. These are all opportunities for new audiences to learn about you, your brand and what you do.

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