Written facts and figures can be boring – but not with videographics. Use icons, illustrations and data visualisations to tell powerful stories with data!

Turn ‘boring’ to ‘brilliant’

We live in what many people call the information age, and yet, because we’re surrounded by so much of it, only the truly engaging stuff truly cuts through. Videographics combine information, facts and figures with beautiful design to create memorable, engaging animated experiences. Videographics reach out across different learning styles – kinetic, auditory, and visual – to leave a lasting impression on your viewer.
They can also use icons, illustrations, characters and data visualisations to really reinforce the story behind your messaging. This helps transform bland numbers, quotes, statistics and words into beautiful, impactful stories which live long in the memory – and help achieve a variety of different business objectives in doing so.


Introduction to Internal Communications Strategy whitepaper.
Imagen- Blackbay
Empowering mobile workers.
Standard Chartered
An introduction to International trade between India and Africa.

Videographics can be used to…


Strike up a relationship with your audience through interesting, attention-grabbing videographics that tell stories and add value.


Harness the power of videographer to educate your audience, imparting numbers, facts and figures in an engaging, memorable way.


Once your audience is on-board, keep the value going with data-driven stories and insights to help them excel and succeed.

“I really enjoyed working with Wyzowl on our series of videos. From the quoting and proposal process to the finished product, the experience with Wyzowl was great!”

Lynsay Williams – Oxford University Press


Why use videographics?

Turn data into stories

Facts and figures, on their own, aren’t always all that interesting. But when you put them together into a narrative structure, and thread the whole thing together with beautiful graphics and animation – you’ve got a memorable, easily digestible package that really sticks with your audience!

Share interesting data

With animation, you can tell a story with data – whether it’s data that already exists, or data you’ve uncovered for yourself. Completing independent research and finding out new things is something to be proud of, so it’s great to display it as a beautiful piece of content that you can be equally proud of.

Increase shareability

Social sharing is a crucial part of amplifying the reach of your message – and people are often far more likely to share an engaging video than they are a text document, even if they include the exact same facts and figures!

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