Website Graphics / Microinteractions

Bring your website to life with microinteractions – simple, but powerful, animated moments of interaction between your user and your website.

Small moments, big impact

As we all spend more and more time online, incredible digital user experiences are becoming the foundation of all major brands. Microinteractions are one way to deliver those experiences through your website. They’re little moments where the user and the design interact with each other through animation. It’s the ‘heart’ or ‘thumbs up’ animation that takes place when you like a post on social media, the ‘loading’ wheel that animates when you sign into your favourite websites, and those are just the simple ones.
There are loads of different ways to bring your website to life, turning a series of tiny moments into a lively, magnetic and engaging experience. Your users might not even consciously notice them sometimes – but when you add them all up, microinteractions take stale online experiences and bring them to life!


Microinteractions can be used to…


Keep your audience reading and engaging with your message with small, instant moments of validation. Make it easy, and rewarding, for them to take the next step.


Enhance the user experience and increase knowledge retention with memorable microinteractions that delight and engage your audience.

“We are very impressed with Wyzowl. Not only do they make a fantastic product, they also make the process easy and fun. They must put something in the water at the Wyzowl office.”

Kellie Warren, Dynamite Studios


Why use microinteractions?

A rewarding UX

Microinteractions can supercharge the user experience by offering immediate and relevant feedback to your audience. When a user takes some action, and they see something happen as a consequence of that action, it helps validate what they’ve done and helps immerse them in the experience of browsing your website.

Make websites interesting

If you can turn mundane stuff like completing a form into an interesting, mildly addictive experience – it goes without saying that you’ll be offering a highly engaging, powerful website! This will give you the best possible chance of achieving your goals.

Motion = Emotion!

Humans are hardwired to seek instant gratification, and that’s what you can offer with micro interactions.

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