HitFilm Pro Review 2024: Pricing, Features, and More!

Written by Samantha Ferguson

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Last updated on 10th January 2024

In this article we’re going to take a look at everything you need to know about HitFilm Pro, including pricing, features, and more! 

The quality of your video content matters – a lot. There’s more video content being created than ever before and more videos being watched too, with the average person watching around 17 hours of online video content per week

This means there’s a lot of noise and a lot of competition. Only the best will do. You need your videos to be professional and captivating. 

That’s where a tool like HitFilm Pro can help. So, let’s take a look! 

HitFilm Pro is a video editing software developed by FXhome. It includes everything that seasoned video creators could possibly want when it comes to making professional and engaging videos. 
Pros: 1. It’s inexpensive
2. Impressive tools and features
3. All-in-one platform
Cons: 1. You need a powerful computer
2. Outdated interface
Our rating

What is HitFilm Pro?

HitFilm is a powerful video editing software developed by FXhome. The software is aimed at everyone – filmmakers, hobbyists, video editors, social media influencers, and everyone in between. 

HitFilm Pro, specifically, is the premium version of HitFilm. It offers the usual video editing tools you’d expect, like trimming, cutting, title creation. And also advanced features, like camera tracking, 3D model rendering, colour grading tools, and more. 

Plus, you get access to all of the songs, sound effects, and templates you could possibly want. 

HitFilm Pro is available for Windows and Mac OS X, and supports a wide range of video formats, so you can export your finished projects in the file type and resolution that you want. 

Who is HitFilm Pro for?

According to their website, HitFilm Pro is creative software, built for creators. And creators can mean anything, regardless of your experience or skill level. 

HitFilm Pro welcomes everyone. Whether you’re creating your first ever social media video, or your tenth Hollywood movie. The video editing software is so powerful, while at the same time remaining accessible, so it’s suitable for anyone who’s passionate about video. 

And that’s probably why their growing community already consists of over 6.5 million creators

HitFilm Pro’s library of assets

All of HitFilm’s plans include access to free creative assets, including songs, sound effects, and templates. 

HitFilm Pro

HitFilm Pro, specifically, has a library of 50 templates, 200 sound effects, and 250 songs. 

The video editing software also offers users access to a full toolkit of visual effects, such as animation effects, audio effects, 360 degree video effects, and more (over 300 in total). 

HitFilm Pro’s user experience

HitFilm Pro has a clean, organised, and user-friendly interface that makes it easy for both novices and seasoned professionals to dive right in. 

After downloading the software to your device and activating it, you can get started by watching some onboarding videos or reading their comprehensive user manual.

For further support, you can also head to the community page on the FXhome website, where you’ll find tons of information from all different sources. 

HitFilm Pro community page

Back to the software, whether you’re editing videos, compositing 3D models, or applying intricate visual effects, HitFilm Pro ensures a smooth workflow throughout the entire creative process. 

Real-time performance is excellent, providing you have a powerful enough computer. And the huge array of powerful tools all in one place make for a great video creation experience!

Pros & cons of HitFilm Pro

Pro 1 – It’s inexpensive

With everything that HitFilm Pro has to offer, the monthly cost is pretty low. For just £12.99 per month, users get access to a comprehensive set of tools for video editing, compositing, and visual effects. 

Pro 2 – Impressive tools and features

Speaking of a comprehensive set of tools, it doesn’t get much better than HitFilm Pro. In addition to robust editing tools and 3D software, HitFilm also boasts a wide range of powerful visual effects, including motion tracking, green screen, and particle effects – to name a few! 

Pro 3 – All-in-one platform

One of the best things about HitFilm Pro is that everything is in one place. Whether you want to do some basic video editing or advanced VFX compositing, HitFilm has everything you need, without requiring you to switch between multiple applications. 

Con 1 – You need a powerful computer

Thanks to all of the amazing features that we’ve listed as ‘pros’, HitFilm pro is really resource-intensive on your device. Those without a state-of-the-art computer may experience slower performance and longer rendering times. 

Con 2 – Outdated interface

This isn’t a huge negative as it doesn’t really impact the software’s functionalities or capabilities, but the interface does look slightly outdated compared with others on the market. 

HitFilm Pro pricing

We’ve focused solely on HitFilm Pro throughout this article, but HitFilm actually has 3 different plans available. There’s HitFilm Free, HitFilm Creator, and, of course, HitFilm Pro. 

HitFilm Pro pricing

HitFilm Pro is the best value plan for those who are creating videos on a professional level as it includes everything you could possibly need to edit videos to the highest quality, including the ability to export videos up to 8K. 

However, if you’re more of a hobbyist or just starting out with video, then perhaps the Free or Creator plans would be a better place to start. 

HitFilm Pro’s customer support

If you get stuck when using HitFilm Pro, don’t worry. There are many different ways you can find help. For starters, you can visit the FXhome help centre. This is the central hub for users who have questions about any FXhome software. You can click into HitFilm from here to find some FAQs: 

HitFilm Pro help centre

Or you can use the search bar to find an answer to your specific question: 

HitFilm Pro help centre

There’s also a live chat bot that can answer some basic questions or connect you with a real member of staff if you’re still having issues: 

FXhome support

HitFilm Pro: Final score

Our rating
If you want to create high-quality videos then you need to look no further than HitFilm Pro. It does everything professional video creators could want, with tons of impressive features and tools all in one platform.
Written by <a href="https://www.wyzowl.com/author/samanthaferguson/" target="_self">Samantha Ferguson</a>

Written by Samantha Ferguson

Samantha is Copy Team Manager at Wyzowl. She has written over 1,000 scripts and hundreds of articles on video marketing so what Samantha doesn't know about video isn't worth knowing!
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