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Supply Now Case Study
Recruitment Video

Requirement: An amazing video to disrupt the education market

Account Manager
Lauren Galt

The Requirement

SupplyNow is an app designed as an alternative to traditional supply teacher agencies. It connects teachers directly with schools to help them find the perfect supply work in an easy way.

There was one word that stood out from our conversation with the SupplyNow team: disruption. They built an app to completely alter the way teachers find supply work, and they made sure it worked in favour of both teachers and schools. As SupplyNow had two audiences to target, we made two videos for them. One aimed at schools, and this one, aimed at teachers.

With such a disruptive software, SupplyNow were keen to create a video that stood out from the crowd. They were also keen to use characters that were age, race, and gender neutral to appeal to a wide audience, so we kept this in mind when creating the video.

The Solution

A scarily-superb video with monsters as the main characters!

The great thing about animation is that if you want to create neutral characters (with no set age, gender, or race) that everyone can identify with, you can! For this video, we went with monsters. Monsters are memorable, fun, and certainly stand out in a crowd.

The copywriter for this project, Samantha, included a couple of monster-related puns throughout the script, such as the TV show that the supply teacher character was watching: “I’m a monster, get me out of here!” And our illustrator, Sophie, created ten monsters for this video, each with a different colour and style. When creating characters that are a little out of the ordinary, we occasionally send style frames to our clients so that they can sign off on the characters before we create the rest of the storyboard. We did this for SupplyNow and after a couple of tweaks, they were happy!

The biggest challenge for our animator, Martin, in this video was the first scene which opened with the supply monster spinning around the room in a frustrated green whirlwind. Martin needed to time the whirlwind with the background music and a wind sound effect, while also animating it crashing into objects in the room. Luckily the rest of the video was pretty calm and followed a typical user journey for the app, so there were no more scary surprises in store!

Samantha Ferguson

Sophie Culton

Martin Bailey

The Result

“As novices to creating inspiring videos. Lauren and her team were fantastic. The level of patience was fantastic and we have ended up with visuals that we love and have had fab feedback on. An easy process with a great end result – hard to beat really!”
– Aimi Kearney, Supply Now
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