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NLG Health
Homepage Explainer Video

Requirement: A punchy, personable video to feature on the NLG Health homepage
Account Manager
Adam Cain

The Requirement

NLG Health is a service that finds, vets, and employs healthcare and homecare staff for temporary vacancies in health organisations. As such, their video needed to appeal to both job seekers and, to a lesser extent, organisations with a need for temporary staff.

The client had tons of ideas to share with us, but was also happy for Wyzowl to take the creative lead. Their main requirements were that the video needed to be short (around 25-40 seconds) and also get across the key benefits of their brand, all while speaking to the audience in a personable and friendly tone.

The Solution

When a client has a lot of big ideas, it can feel intimidating. There’s a certain amount of pressure (that we put on ourselves!) to live up to the dreams and visions that have been buzzing around and growing in our clients’ minds long before they came to us. But luckily, Ted at NLG Health was great at portraying his ideas and more than willing to chat about them with our creatives.

The biggest challenge for Adam was fitting all of the wonderful benefits of NLG Health into such a short amount of time while also retaining a personable tone that would encourage viewers to follow the story through to the end. To ensure that we included as many of NLG’s USPs as possible, we extended the script slightly and the final video came to 50 seconds. At Wyzowl, we can create many things, but we can’t manipulate time! Sometimes videos need those extra few seconds to really shine.

At the illustration stage, Mark spent a lot of time thinking about the character style. The characters needed to be ‘racially neutral’ to reflect diversity and the client also expressed interest in a ‘sketchy style’. Mark took these points on board and created fun, stick-figure characters that all viewers would be able to relate to.

This video covers a lot of different scenarios, from a surgeon in an operating room, to a character running through the park, to a couple of characters having a chat over coffee. Our animator for this project, Kiran, added a lot of energetic transitions to take viewers from one scene to the next, and the result is a fast-paced video that demands attention.

Adam Hayes
Mark Moore
Kiran Parmar

The Result

Check out NLG Health here:

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