Attract your audience with video

Reach your audience – wherever they are – with video content that grabs attention, raises awareness, and brings people to your brand.

Let the journey begin

Every journey begins with a single step. In business, whatever your ultimate goal, the first step is to reach your audience, grab their attention and get them interested in what you have to say. Sure, some people might find you by themselves. But successful brands know that, in these fast-paced, competitive times, you need to hustle – to get your message out there, in front of your audience, in the places they already hang out.

That, in a nutshell, is what we mean by ‘Attract’. And video is the best possible way to do it! It’s a versatile tool that helps you reach, engage and inspire your audience to take action across countless platforms, in dozens of creative ways – encouraging them to take further action and find out more about your brand.

We help you attract your audience with…

Video ads

Combine awesome video content with highly targeted ad platforms to reach the right viewer, with the right message, at the right moment.

Teaser videos

Give your audience a glimpse of new or upcoming products, with teaser videos that whet the appetite and build anticipation.

Event videos

Create eye-catching video content that grabs the attention of your audience at exhibitions and conferences.

Sales videos

Add some colour to your ‘cold’ sales process, with video content that helps grab attention and build interest.


Sure, you can sing your own praises – but it’s always so much more believable when your best customers do it for you!

Social Media

Bring your social profiles to life with GIFs and profile videos that show off your personality and grab the attention of your audience.

84% of marketers say video has helped them increase traffic to their website.


A one-stop solution and platform for engaging employee communications.
Be Natur
A liquid magnesium supplement designed to absorb quickly using only raw, natural ingredients.
Cardinal Health
A short introduction to community paramedics.
Whoever You Need
A platform to help the public find mobile service or advertise job offers.
Global Fashion Marketplace
An international business development agency supporting fashion brands reach new markets.
Harrow Council
New food waste regulations for people who live in flats.

Why Wyzowl?

Expert storytellers

Only the best stories cut through the noise. One of our key skills is to unpack everything that’s great about YOU – and turn it into a great story.

Unrivalled service

We’re obsessive about the service levels we offer to our customers. This includes access to our custom-built project management system.

Goal focus

We don\'t just want to create a beautiful video for you – we want to create a beautiful video that works, and helps you achieve your goals.

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