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Testimonial video service

Let your happiest customers do the talking for your brand. We plan, organise, record, edit and provide high quality testimonial videos ready for you to use in all your marketing communications.

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Win trust and confidence

Whenever you ask your audience to take an action, they have to weigh up the risk against the reward. We’ve all been there ourselves as customers. We like the idea of a product, a service, a job role, a piece of software. We’re almost sure it’s the right move for us. But even with all that information, the fundamental question we end up asking ourselves is: how will this affect me? What will the reality look like?
Of course, any business worth its salt is going to offer a promise of positive change. But REAL credibility comes from others – impartial, unbiased customers. People who have walked the same path and enjoyed great success. That’s why testimonial videos and case studies work. They highlight the journey of others who the viewer can relate to – reducing the sense of risk and highlighting the rewards on offer.

Our clients include


Guaranteed Clean Energy
An energy consultancy helping government departments reduce their energy usage.
A SaaS company in the content marketing industry.
Software development for manufacturing companies.
A project managent software for enterprise companies.
A paraplanning agency advising national financial advisors.
Oxford University Press
Education through publishing.

“Wyzowl enhanced the ideas we had for the video and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

Simon Swan – Hiring Hub


Why use testimonial videos?

They build trust

Let’s be real: we can all say what we want about ourselves. But, as brands, all that really matters is what our customers think of us. Testimonials are a great way to build trust and credibility, letting your customers talk powerfully and honestly about how your product or service has helped them.

They inspire action

Ultimately, the result of that increased trust is that customers are more likely to take the kind of action you want them to take. Research suggests that up to 72% of customers don’t take action until they have read reviews (Testimonial Engine), so giving them the social proof they need is an important part of inspiring them to take the plunge with your brand.

Video is king!

Video is perhaps the ultimate storytelling tool, combining audio and visual elements to create a highly immersive package. Putting the spotlight on your customers in the form of a testimonial video gives your audience a much more rounded view of who your customers are, what their problems were, and how they’ve helped.

77% of people who have watched a brands testimonial video say it has played a part in convincing them to buy their product or service.
State of Video Marketing 2020

Our simple process


We’ll understand what you want to achieve with your testimonial videos. We’ll create a brief and a series of questions to ask your clients. This means that we’ll get testimonial content covering the most important points for you.

We organise everything from dates and times, prepping your clients, organising a videographer to attend their offices and answering any questions your client has.


Our videographer will visit your clients office (anywhere in the world!). We’ll record multiple shots for each person and b-roll so that we have great content to edit in-between. All footage will be recorded in high quality HD minimum.

Video Editing

We’ll create title slides, lower thirds, an animated logo and colour grade the footage. The result is a slick and professional video with a mix of media types and interesting shots.

We’ll provide the video files for you to use across your website, social media, presentations and other marketing materials.

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