Employee Training Statistics 2021

We all know employee training is important. It’s a crucial tool in ensuring employees have the skills and knowledge to deliver the best experience for your customers. So how do employees feel about their experience of training in their roles? We surveyed 206 people in early 2021, asking them to share their feelings on the training they’ve received in their employment.
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93% of people say employee training makes them feel more satisfied at work.
96% of people say it’s important to them that their employer offers training and development opportunities.
88% of people would stay with a company longer if the company offered greater training and development opportunities.
Over half (56%) of people rate the training they receive at work as either ‘average’ or ‘poor.
44% of people feel their employer should invest more in training. (0% said they should invest less.)
15% of employees say they NEVER have their training revisited or refreshed.
89% of people feel video is an effective tool for training.
Video is comfortably the most popular training technique. Training Statistics

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