Shoot Natural Case Study
Product Video

Requirement: A product video that showcases the revolutionary features of the product
Account Manager
Sarah Byrom

The Requirement

Shoot Natural is an innovative and revolutionary basketball shooting aid, helping players to perfect their shooting by transferring pressure from the offhand to the shooting hand. Before Shoot Natural came along, this concept had never been taught before in basketball’s entire history – over 100 years! So it really is a brand new, market-changing product and the video needed to reflect that.

As basketball experts, the team at Shoot Natural had a really clear vision of what their video needed to show in order to best present the functionality of the Shoot Natural glove. They gave us lots of information about how the player should be positioned and the type of shot they should be taking. It was of the utmost importance to show the specific features of the glove and portray exactly how it would work in a game in order to encourage viewers to try the product.

The Solution

A professional story-led video that centres around the specific features and benefits of using Shoot Natural

When a client comes to us with a very specific idea, it can be challenging to bring that vision to life in the exact same manner that they are seeing it in their imagination. But luckily, the team at Shoot Natural were great at getting their point across in a clear manner and they were also open to creativity – which is always fun! Our copywriter, Samantha, took the scenarios given by the team and weaved these into a story that followed three different basketball players in their journey to becoming better with the help of the Shoot Natural glove.

For our illustrator, Josh, it was all about getting the characters’ hand positions correct. The USP of this product is that it teaches players how to utilise their offhand so that it guides their shot into the hoop. Unlike other aides, it allows players to feel their offhand in play naturally, hence the name “Shoot Natural.” To get this just right, Josh had a couple of conversations with the team and studied the glove carefully in order to perfect the positioning of the characters’ hands.

Our animator, Tom, also had to focus on the positioning of the characters’ hands, but he had the added challenge of animating a basketball moving throughout the natural play of a shot. This meant creating scenes showing backspin and also the ball bouncing from the backboard and onto the ground. But the great thing about animation is that this is possible! For a live-action crew it would have been decidedly more challenging. Creating an animated video showing the product in action gave the client full control over how to portray it in action and that makes the video so much more impactful.

Samantha Ferguson
Josh Cunliffe
Tom Wiggins

The Result

“We have never been shown such professionalism and wonderfully courteous, kind and friendly customer service before! What you have going for you is what I believe every company should follow. From our very first contact with you to our very last, we have continually been blown away by your ability to communicate the process of producing an Explainer Video clearly. Then followed by your extremely quick response time- FANTASTIC!”
– Suzy Griffee, Shoot Natural
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