Paymentshield Case Study
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Requirement: A quirky video with a lot of personality to nurture current clients

Account Manager
Lauren Galt

The Requirement

Paymentshield is a general insurance provider that delivers premium products and services to financial advisers and brokers. They came to Wyzowl to create a nurture campaign to encourage their clients to talk about general insurance with their customers.

They had a strong and established brand voice, and also lots of ideas about style, although these were not definitive. Overall, they were looking for a quirky and unique text on screen-led video to help them stand out in the market, and allow their brand personality to shine through.

The Solution

A pun-filled video with a unique visual style!

When a brand has such a strong voice and wants their video to be led by text on screen, it is really important to create an amazing script where every word counts. Our copywriter, Adam, worked together with the client to create the perfect story for this particular video in their nurture campaign. The client suggested using an animal, like an elephant, as the main character in the video, and as such this is the first of our videos to include the word ‘irrelephant’! Finding puns like this really was a ‘hard tusk’!

It’s not everyday that our illustrators are tasked with designing an elephant, so Mark had fun on this project. The sketched style is also something we don’t work with very often, but it looked great in the finished video, especially alongside the photographic elements. This mix of graphics and photography is something that Paymentshield have used in previous promotional material, so they had a bank of stock images for us to work from. Mark added to this by searching for appropriate stock photographs online that would fit in with the video’s unique style.

When a video includes text on screen, our animators use an animation technique called ‘kinetic typography’ to add motion to the text. The text appears on screen at a pace that matches either the voiceover, or music, or both. You’ll have to check out the video below to see how our animator for this project, Chris, used kinetic typography to draw attention to Paymentshield’s message!

Adam Hayes

Mark Moore

Chris Mather

The Result

“It’s been a pleasure to work with Wyzowl on our new video content over the last year. They’re always prompt and professional in their support. They’ve also been very patient and worked through problems with us as we’ve been implementing our refreshed brand into video content. Nothing is ever too much and the end result of the hard work has always been worth it. We’re looking forward to work with them more in future.”
– Michaela Walsh, Paymentshield
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