Natixis Cast Study
Training Video

Requirement: A light-hearted yet corporate video to share with the internal team
Account Manager
Lauren Galt

The Requirement

Natixis is an investment banking company with locations worldwide. The purpose of this video was to teach all staff about the London Lending Support Group and also forge closer ties within the group. It was important that we presented London visually within the video, and the client was also keen on transforming the team into animated characters and showing them in lifelike situations within their office.

The storyline of the video needed to focus on the team members and what they do. We were instructed to keep the video light-hearted while including the activities that the team cover, end of year facts and figures, and also the team’s key mission statements: “Build Together”, “Be Accountable” and “Deliver with Agility”.

The Solution

A straight-forward, instructional video including staff members as animated characters

As we price our videos by the second, our customers often already have a length in mind before we start a project. In this case, Natixis required a video that was a maximum of 1 minute 15 seconds long. However, they also had a team of 7 individuals to include and a list of end of year facts and figures, so our copywriter, Samantha, needed to squeeze all of this into the allotted time while weaving it into a light-hearted story.

Sophie, the illustrator for this project, also had a large task on her hands. She was not only required to illustrate characters based on real people, but also the office building of The London Lending Group, including their very unique rooftop garden, and London itself – including monuments like Big Ben and Tower Bridge! The client really enjoyed seeing the characters come to life, and didn’t even mind when Sophie had to add wrinkles to age a couple of characters up!

For our animator, Martin, it was all about subtle movements. With so many characters on screen, not all of them were actively taking part in the story at any given time. To give them purpose and add a lifelike element to them, Martin added subtle movements at regular intervals, such as blinking and nodding.

The client was very happy with the video at the end of the process. He informed us that this was the first time he had been involved in creating video content and he was very pleased with the amount of personal involvement he had mixed with the expertise from all of the creatives who worked on the project.

Samantha Ferguson
Sophie Culton
Martin Bailey

The Result

“We are really happy with the final video and indeed have been really impressed with the whole process by everyone at Wyzowl!!”
– David Rowland, Natixis
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