Mavenlink Case Study
Software Feature Videos

Requirement: A series of software feature demos to educate customers
Account Manager
Matt Byrom

The Requirement

Mavenlink is a modern project management software platform designed to unite people, projects and profits all in one place. Mavenlink’s connection with Wyzowl goes back quite a few years. When they first came to us, they were looking for a company who could create high quality videos of their application to give people a window into what their app did and how it worked. Their end goal was to use the videos for customer support and to increase sales.

Mavenlink needed a company who could create high quality videos at scale. It was also important for each video to reflect different parts of the app while maintaining a consistent brand image throughout. With our accomplished in-house team and our easy-to-use project management system storing all information in one place, we won Mavenlink’s heart and trust and began work on their series of software feature demos.

The Solution

A collection of videos that helps prospects understand and get the best out of Mavenlink

For us, creating videos is a daily routine. But for our clients, we understand that it is a special occasion. It’s something fun and exciting that they don’t often get to experiment with. Whenever we work with a company on a video project, we build a connection with our client. They learn about our craft and we learn about theirs, and from that a greater sense of appreciation and understanding is born. So far we have created more than 25 videos for Mavenlink, so we feel like we know them pretty well!

Consistency is key when creating a series of videos. So when clients come to us with multiple video briefs, we try to make sure that they deal with the same creatives each time. In Mavenlink’s case, this task falls on our longest-serving copywriter, Adam, and also our longest-serving animator, Tom. When creating software feature demos, there is no illustration stage as everything is recorded directly from the client’s website or app. This means that the creatives who work on the video really need to familiarise themselves with the software to ensure that they can present it to prospects in an easy-to-digest manner.

As the Wyzowl team operates all under one roof, it was easy for Tom and Adam to discuss the Mavenlink software when creating the videos, and this resulted in a series of high-quality videos that were consistent in their messaging and animation style, all for a reasonable price!

Adam Hayes
Tom Wiggins

The Result

Check out Mavenlink here:

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