Limoges Beauty Case Study
Customer Education Video

Requirement: A fun yet corporate video to educate customers about electrolysis
Account Manager
Sarah Byrom

The Requirement

Limoges Beauty are electrolysis hair removal experts. Electrolysis is the process of destroying the root of the blood supply to hair follicles in order to permanently remove hair from certain parts of the body. Due to the scientific and also sensitive nature of hair removal by electrolysis, Limoges Beauty required a video that explained their methods in a simple and approachable manner. They wanted to show customers that electrolysis is nothing to be frightened of or embarrassed about by adding a little humour to the story.

Aside from this general brief, the team at Limoges Beauty had a couple of other requirements. For example, it was important for the video to reflect the actual New York office of Limoges Beauty as well as their staff. Emily, the founder of Limoges Beauty, also sent us a list of after-care advice to weave into the storyline.

The Solution

An educational video that features scientific breakdowns and a typical customer journey

Creating customer education videos are great fun for the entire team because we learn a little something along the way! For our copywriter, Samantha, the biggest learning curve came from understanding the technical terms involved with the cycle of hair growth. However, it was of the utmost importance that she understood these terms in order to turn electrolysis into something approachable that viewers could grasp. To further ensure that electrolysis was accessible for customers, Samantha created a fun storyline that followed a typical customer journey.

Dan, the illustrator for this project, also needed a deep understanding of how electrolysis worked so that he could correctly illustrate the process and the tools involved. Emily was very helpful with this, sending over photographs and videos whenever she could. Emily also sent over photographs of the office and herself so that Dan could use these as inspiration when designing the storyboard for the video.

At the animation stage, Kiran brought the video to life by animating electrolysis in action. This too involved research in order for us to accurately depict the action of the hair removal process. Thanks to Samantha’s inclusion of a blowtorch and a character being electrocuted (her way of adding humour to squash any fears potential customers might have felt), Kiran also spent time finding the perfect sound effects. Sound is often the unsung hero of video production, but it really does add another level of energy and brings everything together.

Samantha Ferguson
Dan Felton
Kiran Parmar

The Result

“I loved working with Wyzowl! The customer service is outstanding and the quality of work, superb. I am already planning to do another video with them in a the future.”

– Emily Limoges, Limoges Beauty
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