Gigalease Case Study
Video Advert

Requirement: A simple, clean, fast video advert
Account Manager
Adam Cain

The Requirement

Gigalease is a new search engine dedicated to auto leasing. This state-of-the-art technology crawls the web for auto lease ads and rates each one with a proprietary lease ranking solution. From there, each ad is given a “Lease Score” and is ranked from highest to lowest value for money.

Although Gigalease is new to the market, the team behind it have almost 20 years experience in the industry, so it was important to portray this level of expertise in the video while also focusing on the revolutionary aspect of the software.

The team at Gigalease had a good overall picture of what they wanted for their 30 second video ad. They wanted to show different vehicles in the simple, colourful style of the popular YouTube series of videos by user Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell. Music was also very important to them. They required an upbeat track with the beat hitting at the same time as the vehicle in the video changed.

The Solution

An eye-catching 30 second video ad that explains exactly what Gigalease does in the easiest way possible

Thirty seconds is not a lot of time to work with, so it was a blessing when Gigalease asked for a simple, clean and fast video. As the client wanted music to be a large part of the video, our copywriter, Sarah, made the decision to work without a voiceover, instead using text on screen to tell the story. This is a well-practiced technique in video adverts, used by huge companies like Apple and Google, as it demands that viewers pay attention. It’s almost creates a “blink and you’ll miss it!” effect.

Without a voiceover, the lion’s share of the storytelling needed to be portrayed visually, so it was down to Josh and Chris to get creative in order to keep the video engaging. For Josh, the main challenge was taking inspiration from Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell (which is a HUGE, well-known channel on YouTube with over 5 million subscribers!) while staying true to the Gigalease brand. He tackled this by incorporating bright colours and flat design as a way to pay homage to Kurzgesagt – In a Nutshell, and then added his own creativity when it came to designing bespoke graphics for Gigalease, such as the many different vehicles featured in the video.

Animation is the part of the process that “brings everything to life”. Traditionally, the word animation itself literally means “the state of being alive”, so when it came to tying all of the elements together – upbeat music, text on screen, colourful graphics – Chris had a lot to juggle. When creating a video ad, there is also the added challenge of ensuring that everything fits within the 30 second time-limit. Chris was able to find the perfect soundtrack to match the simple, fast-paced ad that Gigalease wanted to create, and the result is a lively, engaging video with catchy music and a clean, easy-to-digest narrative.

Sarah Quinn
Josh Cunliffe
Chris Mather

The Result

“Wyzowl helped create a really compelling pre-roll video for our pre-launch auto leasing website. Their entire team was a pleasure to do business with and the finished product exceeded our expectations. I have no hesitation recommending this great company!”
– Richard Kilshaw, Gigalease
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