Marketing AI Statistics 2024

We gathered the statistics below by surveying 128 globally located marketing professionals in March 2024. We asked them questions about their use of AI to support their business marketing.

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AI tools are widely used by marketers…

80% of marketers have used – or currently use – AI tools to help create marketing content.

…for a number of purposes…

Marketers most commonly use AI content writing tools (77%.)
This is followed by content planning & research (62%), video creation (34%), graphic design (31%), analytics & reporting (23%) and content promotion (17%).
8% cited ‘other’ areas of marketing, including surveys and voiceover generation.

…unlocking a wide range of benefits.

The most commonly cited benefit of AI tools is efficiency/time-saving. 86% of marketers say AI has made them more efficient or saved them time.
42% cite extra creativity, 34% say it’s helped them cut costs, and 29% say it’s helped them scale their content output. 29% also say AI has helped them reduce errors.
The ‘other’ responses (12%) mentioned support with ideation and beating ‘blank page syndrome,’ as well as use as a research tool – helping marketers understand new concepts and ideas.

And people are using their AI tools a lot.

More than half of marketers who do use AI tools say they use them all (13%) or most (43%) of the time.
(Just 6% of AI marketers say they ‘rarely’ use AI tools.)

But AI still has limitations…

81% of marketers feel AI tools can’t fully replace human creativity.
Despite their considerable potential, AI tools often require significant human input.
According to our survey, 62% of marketers utilising AI tools say they CAN’T achieve their desired outcomes with ‘minimal human input’, while 38% feel they can.
There’s a pretty even split between the usage of free and paid AI tools.
43% of marketers say they mostly use free tools, vs. 57% who mostly use paid.
This highlights the fact that many marketers value AI tools enough that they’ll happily pay to use them.

AI looks set to grow further…

Marketers who do currently use AI tools are optimistic about the future potential of this technology.
A whopping 98% feel that AI tools will become more advanced and powerful as time progresses.
83% of AI marketers think they’ll use more tools in future, vs. 4% who say they’ll use fewer, and 12% who expect the number to stay roughly the same.
88% of AI marketers say they’re planning to increase or expand AI usage in future, vs. 12% who aren’t.

What about the marketers who DON’T currently use AI?

Half of the marketers who don’t yet use AI (50%) say it’s because they lack awareness or understanding in the area.
35% cited ethical/privacy concerns, 25% say it’s due to cost concerns, and 25% say their organisation simply isn’t ready.
A further 25% say they don’t need AI – they’re satisfied with their current methods.

20% say they have quality concerns, 10% cite regulatory/compliance concerns, and 5% simply say the tools currently available simply aren’t good enough to do what they need just yet.

Three-quarters (75%) of marketers who don’t currently use AI tools to create content or help with their marketing, say it’s likely they’ll start in the future.
The other 25% still say it’s unlikely they’ll turn to AI in the years to come.

Our analysis

This data tells a clear story: AI tools have quickly become a must-have for many marketers, especially for content creation and planning.

Marketers are clearly positive and optimistic about AI’s future, and there’s a widespread expectation that it’ll only get better over time.

But marketers also recognise AI’s limitations: the consensus is that AI can’t match up to human creativity. It still requires significant input from humans, and many doubt whether that will ever change.

Still, there’s no doubt that most marketers love AI for saving time, and making them more efficient.

For those not using AI yet – which is a clear minority – it seems to be due to knowledge gaps and concerns over things like cost, regulation and privacy. However, even in these cases, a healthy majority of marketers expect to start using AI in future.

Overall, it’s an exciting time in marketing as AI becomes more and more a part of the scene. Success is still all about finding that sweet spot – blending AI’s awesome capabilities with the human touch.

As AI keeps evolving, marketers will be right there, tweaking their strategies to make the most of it while keeping things real and relatable.

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