7 Reasons Your Business Needs an Animated Video

From reading the statistics, we all know that video is better received than text on a screen but have you ever given consideration to what kind of video you want to create? Some companies think that presenter videos are more professional, but I’m here to disprove that theory, with 7 undeniable reasons why you should choose animation for your next video…


1. Animated videos are more engaging

Think back to when you were a kid and your parents would stick a cartoon on and you’d be glued to the TV for hours. There’s something about animation that grabs our attention and not just as children either. At its peak The Simpsons achieved 13 million viewers per episode, many of which were adults and Family Guy reached an impressive 12 million adult viewers. And don’t get me started on Pixar… Let’s face it, we just love cartoons!


2. You don’t have to do the hard sell

An Animated video is a light-hearted way to get your sales message across which is great news for all marketers because the last thing you want to do is come across as too pushy! People are less likely to turn off your video if you have an engaging animated character promoting your product. Using an animated video is definitely a subtle way to get your sales message across, meaning it’s much more effective.


3. There’s no segregation!

The great thing about animation is that you can’t really segregate anybody. You can engage with every type of audience and this can be handy if you have a wide range of demographics. Your main character doesn’t even have to be human if you don’t want it to be. Just think about Tony the Tiger, Coco from Coco Pops and the Nesquik Bunny. The possibilities are endless when it comes to animation!

4. There are NO limits


Yep that’s right, with an animated video, you can come up with ANY storyline you like! When it comes to your script, the rules go out the window and you can come up with just about anything in order to sell your product. In fact, the crazier the better, as a fun story will leave a lasting impression on your audience and that’s the ultimate goal after-all. For an example of this, check out our weird and wonderful video for Sketcha.

5. Illustrations can simplify any message


Perhaps your message is a little more complicated than most and you’ve got something complex to get across to your audience. If you’ve got loads of statistics to put into your message then an infographic video is a great approach. Using animated text in your video is easy on the eye and captures our attention better than anything else. Alternatively you could use a character to relate to your audience, by presenting the problem and offering your product as the solution.


6. Characters are trustworthy

So as humans we tend to pass judgments on other people. We can’t help it – it’s in our genetics! But for some reason a character seems to have an instant like-ability that not all humans can achieve. So if you have a friendly character in your video, your audience are much more likely to trust your brand and allow themselves to be introduced to new ideas or products.


7. You’ll stand out amongst the crowd

One thing is for sure animated videos are different! Because you can do whatever you want in the video, it’s more likely to go viral and you can stand ahead of your competitors. If you’ve got an idea in mind then you’re already halfway there to creating a great video! All you need now is a video production team to help you on your way…

We make animated videos!

So if you are fully convinced then why don’t you let us create an animated video for you? Take a look at our video examples and then give us a call! We offer professionally made videos at a great value price. ☺