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6 Businesses that Rock at Video Marketing

Alright, we’re gonna call it; the world of online video is pretty unfair! How can a video with a kid getting his finger bitten receive millions of views, whilst quality business videos like your own struggle to get anywhere close?

One of the biggest problems we face as video marketers is competing with the 300 hours of YouTube footage that’s uploaded every minute. There’s a lot of competition out there – and considering viewers are bombarded with ads every day – it’s hardly surprising that people switch off when another business video appears on their screens.

But don’t give up hope just yet! Video marketing is an awesome tool that will bring customers to your business:

In fact… 76% of businesses told us that video has significantly improved their ROI.

So what you need to do is focus on your video strategy, and that’s why we’ve put together 6 examples of businesses that are killing it with video marketing, to see what we can learn…

#1. Dropbox

This is a company that is known for spending very little on advertising, yet it’s reported to be worth $10 billion!

So how have they done it?

In addition to their user-friendly product, Dropbox is a great example of a company that knows good video marketing. Check out their YouTube channel and you’ll find a great combination of different types of videos that set out to achieve different goals.

For example, they create simple explainer videos that help viewers understand how to use the platform, testimonials that build trust amongst potential customers, and cover various events that showcase the face behind the brand.

Take a look at this explainer video example of how Dropbox works. It’s simplistic style helps to convey the benefits of the platform, whilst teaching the viewer how to use it.

#2. Lyft

Ever since it raced onto the scenes back in 2012 as a direct competitor of Uber, Lyft has taken over the driving world and is today worth an incredible 5.5 billion.

Lyft has fast become a solid content marketer, especially when it comes to their videos. They’ve recently adopted an interesting strategy in which they collaborate with celebrities to produce ‘undercover’ videos to drive along with customers and prank them, which makes for a really fun shareable piece of content.

One of the great things about Lyft is that the company manages to create content for both their drivers, and their customers. They use the power of User Generated Content to produce videos that show drivers sharing their experiences, they create tutorials on how to use the app, and they introduce new products using videos.

This ‘Community Portraits’ video is a great example of how the company speaks to both audiences. It highlights the benefits of what Lyft can do for a driver, and it builds trust for customers wanting to use the service as it gives insight into the world of a Lyft driver.

#3. Linkedin

This social network started 13 years ago and in 2015 pulled in an impressive $2.99 billion in revenue!  As you’d expect, their video marketing has a huge emphasis on connecting professionals with careers, and their videos are nothing short of inspiring. Check out this one below as the perfect example…

They also produce videos with top tips on how users can optimize their Linkedin profiles for the best results, webinars from various business speakers including Richard Branson, and they even offer a glimpse into their own office culture by creating ‘Life @ Linkedin’ videos.

#4. Airbnb

Just last year it was announced that Airbnb is worth $25.5 billion which is pretty good going considering the company practically came out of nowhere and took over the travel industry.

As a business that essentially brings strangers together to stay under the same roof, one of their biggest challenges is getting people to trust the hosts of Airbnb. They’ve managed to overcome this problem by coming up with various video marketing campaigns…

They produce short 30 second ads to encourage people to use the platform, videos that capture the stories of Airbnb hosts, and videos that showcase behind the scenes footage at the Airbnb office.

They’ve even produced a series called #onelesstranger that encourages people to do a random good deed for a stranger, check out the video below to see…

#5. Buzzfeed

Buzzfeed is a social news and entertainment company that’s worth $1.5 billion and video is a main focus of their marketing efforts.

In fact, video is so prevalent in their activities that they have an entire Buzzfeed Video channel dedicated to it. One of the most notable things about Buzzfeed is that they truly understand who their audience is.

They market to young people and their videos tend to be fun and entertaining, so for example they post challenges, taste tests, and humorous skits. They’ve also not long launched a channel called Tasty that features how-to videos, teaching the viewer how to create various tasty recipes.

These videos are short, easy to follow, and highly shareable across social — which is possibly why they’ve built 10 million subscribers on their Tasty YouTube channel alone.

#6. HubSpot

HubSpot is an inbound marketing provider with a recorded revenue of $115.9 million. The company is highly respected in the b2b marketing space as they have positioned themselves as a leader in what they do, and video has played a big part in that.

Check out any one of their online channels and you’ll find a variety of different themed videos including office culture, HubSpot platform tutorials, success stories, and product launches. As you’d expect, HubSpot is a company that knows a thing or two about good marketing, which is why they regularly create educational videos like this one below.

By creating videos that teach people more about marketing, helps to set HubSpot apart as a go-to brand to learn more about inbound strategies.


The biggest lesson to learn here is that each company creates different types of videos, to achieve different goals. Whether it’s an explainer video to teach viewers about their service business, a knowledge video that educates people about their niche, or an inspirational commercial that instills trust, every brand on this list uses to video to nurture customers along the sales cycle – and that’s the sign of a good video marketing strategy!