5 Signs You Need an Animated Video for Your Small Business…

Here at Wyzowl, we love animated videos!

But hey, who doesn’t?

In fact, we did a survey and found that 44% of video marketers PRIMARILY use animated explainer videos. So, it appears it’s not just Wyzowl who are passionate about animation!

An animated video will offer endless benefits for your small business — they’re fun, they’re persuasive, and they build trust.

But, how do you know if you really need an animated video?

Well, in this blog post we’re going to go through 5 signs that you need an animated video for your small business. So, read on for some animated video enlightenment!

1. You’re not interesting enough

This is a pretty tough call to make. We’re all passionate about our businesses and business ideas, so it would be quite a shock if you looked at your own company and said, ‘Yep. This is just not interesting‘.

However, it’s not just about your business, the content that your business produces also needs to be interesting. For a small business, customer acquisition is just as important as customer retention, and a surefire way to acquire customers is to pique their interest. Animated videos are great at this. People like watching animated videos because they tell stories in a fun and easy to digest format. They’re also highly shareable which, with the vast reach of the internet, can incredibly increase the visibility of your small business. Proof of this is that 92% of mobile video viewers share videos with others. Check out the video below for a great example of a really fun and interesting way to tell a simple story:

2. You have a high bounce rate

This leads on from the above point, because if your website is not interesting enough then visitors will leave, and research shows that they will leave in as little as 6 seconds. In contrast, websites with video content have the ability to grab the attention of visitors and keep them on your site for approximately 6 minutes.

It’s not just the fun factor of videos that keeps people on your site for longer. Videos also present you as a professional and current company, which encourages people to do business with you. An effective animated video can even present you as an expert in your field.

3. Your S.E.O is B.A.D

I’m sure you don’t need us to tell you that hardly anyone scrolls past the first page of Google. That’s why it’s vital that you fight tooth and nail to get your business on that first page. Don’t kid yourself into thinking that the first page is only reserved for giant companies, any company can reach that goal, big or small, simply by having great SEO. As a small business, the best way to increase your SEO is to get an animated video. Statistics have found that pages with video are 53x more likely to rank on the first page of Google.

And, it’s not all about Google. YouTube is the second largest search engine. So, just by having a video you can increase your visibility on the top two most visited sites in the world!

4. Your brand isn’t human enough

This is a struggle for any small business, particularly if you’re new, and online-only. Customers feel more comfortable purchasing from businesses they know and trust. Animated videos are a great way to break the barrier a little, they give you the chance to humanize your brand and ultimately, begin building much needed trust with customers.

Animated videos are the most successful type of video for humanization because you can create a character modelled on your ideal customer. This way, people will watch your video, relate to your characters, and ultimately become loyal customers. Check out the video below. This is a great example of a video with a relatable character:

5. You need to keep up with competitors

68% of marketers believe that video is essential for their business. If your competitors are among this group of people then you should be too! Customers love to watch videos, and most would prefer to do so over any other form of marketing. So, if your competitors have a video, and you don’t, then every view of their video is practically a loss in business for you.

As mentioned above, a brand video can really present you as a current, capable, and professional business within your industry. And, the better your video, the more this fact will stand. A high-quality animated video can really help you get ahead of your competitors without breaking the bank.

Closing thoughts

Bottom line: Your company can’t afford NOT to get an animated video! Videos are everywhere these days, and they’re only going to become more prominent in the future. Animated videos are a great, inexpensive way for small businesses to jump on the video marketing bandwagon.