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20+ Outstanding Company Culture Videos and How to Emulate Them

Last updated on 16th May 2024

When it comes to building great teams and keeping them together, company culture is critically important.

Culture is quite often a selling point for job seekers, with LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends report uncovering that job posts get a 67% boost in engagement when companies mention culture.
Source: LinkedIn

Being clear about your company’s culture can also help you attract the right hire, which is so important for retention and morale within your organisation. 

When considering how to establish and showcase your company culture, video can be a great tool. Video is versatile. It’s popular. And you can easily measure engagement levels

But what does a great company culture video look like

Allow us to show you! We’ve compiled 20+ outstanding examples of companies who use video as a tool not just to convince their customers – but to attract the best talent.

1. Avaleris

This short, engaging, animated video is filled with everything job seekers want to hear. 

From the immediate ‘We’re more than just a place to work, we’re a place to build your career’, through to ‘We respect that family comes first’ – every single line in this video speaks directly to what prospective employees actually want. 

And that’s really all it takes to make an amazing company culture video. Who says you need a big budget and a piece to camera from every department head? 

The right script and some flashy icons can be enough to pique interest and get people excited! 

2. Google

We don’t need to spend any time introducing this company, right? It seems like everyone and their dog (because pets are welcome!) has wanted to work for Google at some point. 

And culture probably has a lot to do with that. Google is often listed in various polls and rankings as a company with a great culture, and they expertly reflect that in this video. 

What’s interesting is that the B-roll footage says as much, if not more, than the to-camera interviews. Like the scene showing an employee walking her dog across the campus, the guy riding a Google-branded bike, and the team having a coffee and a chat on the colourful deck chairs. 

This is definitely an important lesson to take from the Google video. Yes, what you say is crucial but think about what you’re showing to your audience too – because if there’s something on the screen then they’re going to be taking it in and using that to form their first impression of your brand.

3. Dropbox

What a unique company culture video! Not only is it a great way to stand out but it also shows that the people at Dropbox have a sense of humour, and you don’t have to worry about taking yourself too seriously in their offices. 

The comedy is really reminiscent of the Academy Award-winning short film Creature Comforts by Aardman, and works well to get the points across in a memorable way. 

Another great thing about the content of this video is that the employees mention perks – and they get specific about it. This is really important for attracting the right talent and making a prospective employee choose your brand over a competitor.

4. Netflix

So, straight off the bat, this video isn’t as fun and ‘cuddly’ as the others we’ve seen so far. It’s a little bit more corporate, but that’s fine. The way to make an outstanding company culture video is not to make your business attractive to everybody, it’s to make it attractive to the right people. 

It’s clear from this video exactly what type of workers will fit in well at Netflix. And it’s great that the video shows a variety of different people in different roles from all over the globe. 

5. Stanley Black and Decker

This video from Stanley Black and Decker comes across as really heart-warming, genuine, and kind of inspirational. It’s lovely to see all of the employees smiling and talking with such warmth about their time with the company. 

It’s also interesting to note that this video focuses more on the company’s values than anything else, like perks, responsibilities, and so on. And that’s a really smart move because if you find an employee that connects with your values then you’re going to have an asset who really wants to be there and do the work. 

6. Hubspot

We love that this video begins with a clear introduction to the company and their mission. It’s also great to have a presenter kind of guiding viewers through the video – this definitely helps to increase engagement for what’s quite a long video

Similar to Google, Hubspot showcases a lot of their culture through B-roll, allowing prospective employees to see where they might be working, what they’ll be doing in their down time, where they’ll be eating, and more. 

The selfie videos from different employees closes the video on such a personal note and this is something that’s really easy for any company to emulate. 

7. Abalta Tech

This colourful, eye-catching video begins with a strong visual and a strong statement: ‘We shape the future and we want you to help us.

The video also goes into specifics about exactly which roles they’re actively recruiting for and highlights the impressive leadership team at the helm of the business. 

We love mixed media videos like this because they allow any business to convey any message – regardless of budget. Animation and stock footage fuse together here to create a really engaging video that successfully portrays the company’s culture without taking too much of a time or cost investment to make.

8. Zendesk

Here’s another culture video that rocks the mixed media angle. Zendesk’s personality as a company really oozes from this video, from the upbeat soundtrack to the amazing clip of the CEO – that says so much (visually) in just one second! 

Practically speaking, this video is great because it answers any potential questions that job seekers may have before reaching out and the script was written in a way to really appeal to people who want to work in a digital-first environment. 

9. Attraqt

It’s a well-known fact in the video marketing world that the first 5 seconds of your video are the most important. That’s your hook. It’s how long it typically takes someone to decide if they want to keep watching, hit skip, or scroll on to the next thing. 

So starting this company culture video out with bloopers is a really refreshing way to begin. It kicks things off on a light note and draws viewers in. 

The main bulk of this video is simply different employees answering one question: Why do you love working at Attraqt? 

Simple and effective. 

10. Microsoft

One of the big focuses of this video is the impact that you can make when you work at a company as large as Microsoft. This is emphasised by several different employees and helps to speak directly to the type of workers that this culture would appeal to. 

However, you don’t need to be a tech giant to emulate this in your culture video. You just need to think about what makes your business stand out, and focus on that. 

Another thing that Microsoft is big on in this culture video is self development. Employees talk about how the company facilitates them to improve both in their work and home life. This is an important factor to touch upon when you consider that 65% of employees cite lack of personal development as a reason to seek a new employer.

11. British Heart Foundation

This powerful video from the British Heart Foundation calls on prospective employees to ‘join the fight’ against heart disease by working for them. 

By asking different employees from a variety of departments with the organisation why they ‘joined the fight’, the video offers a lot of different perspectives on what it’s like to work for the company. 

Plus, the interspersed photographs of the team having fun together paired with the important mission makes the British Heart Foundation appear almost like a family, and that can be very appealing to job seekers. 

12. Age UK

This ‘work for us’ video from Age UK is really well put together, featuring smooth transitions to people in very different roles, from a Shop Manager to a Sport and Activity Lead (and everyone in between). 

It really helps to show just how vast the business is, and the variety of different roles available. Plus, the way the staff members talk to the camera makes it feel personal, like a friendly conversation. 

Age UK also has an animated culture video: 

This video specifically sells the benefits – something that all prospective employees want to know about! The colourful icons and kinetic typography make this an engaging watch. 

13. IKEA

This straight-forward video from IKEA makes for a nice, easy watch for job seekers. The soundtrack is relaxed and upbeat, and the video moves at a nice pace, showing viewers a day in the life of an IKEA worker. 

The call outs to unique and specific benefits, such as a Rosetta Stone subscription and paid leave on your child’s first day of school, really elevate this culture video to the next level. 

And the ending, which highlights different IKEA locations, allows viewers to quickly and easily find out if they live close enough to apply. 

14. Amazon

Amazon knows exactly how to hook viewers into watching their culture video – start with a puppy! 

But seriously, this video works well because it allows the culture to speak for itself. Most, if not all, of the employees interviewed for this video have clear admiration for their fellow teammates and there’s a lot of praise shared. It’s great to see from a prospective employee’s point of view. 

Another nice touch from a practical point of view is that the video is split into labelled chapters, making it easier for viewers to skip to the part that interests them most. 

15. Origin Housing

This animated company culture video begins with important background information about what the company does – which is imperative knowledge for any prospective employee to know. 

The video then goes on to tell viewers what the company is looking for in new employees, followed by training opportunities and benefits. Animation helps to keep this general, which can be important for large organisations that recruit across different departments and locations, like Origin Housing. 

The company also has a live action culture video: 

This is a nice accompaniment to the animated video as it feels more personal, almost like a chat with the different employees.

It’s great that the video is cut into sections so viewers can skip to the department that is of interest to them. Even better, some of the videos are vertical – perfect for mobile viewing, which is how most people search and apply for jobs

16. Ocado

This ‘day in the life’ style video gets straight to the point in a little over 45 seconds. It shows viewers who may be interested in working at Ocado exactly what it’s like to be a delivery driver. 

The focus on people is clear – whether that be customers or internal teams, and the voiceover also points out the importance of keeping a cool head under pressure. It’s always worth noting qualities and traits that are required, like this, so you can attract the right people.

17. Randstad

The script for this video does a perfect job of speaking directly to prospective employees and framing everything from their point of view. For example, this line: “You can take advantage of all that opportunity, and we can help.

Not only that, the animation is practically mesmerising. While you might disregard it at first, animation can be a great option for a company culture video. They’re cheaper to make, you don’t have to ask your staff to get on camera, and – perhaps best of all – they don’t age as quickly as live action videos and so have a longer shelf life. 

18. Publix

This is exactly the kind of company culture video you’d expect from a supermarket chain like Publix. It has a high-production quality, and the actors are friendly and inviting. The video also talks about progression and promoting from within which is extremely important to a lot of people – and great for businesses too. 

An employee who has made an internal move by the two-year mark has a 75% greater chance of staying with the company.
Source: LinkedIn

Now, the wonderful thing about the Publix approach to culture videos is that they haven’t just made one video. They’ve got a full series. Here’s a video aimed at recruiting people for their corporate office: 

And here’s another aimed at hiring people to work in their pharmacies: 

There are even more videos about each arm of the business and this offers prospective employees a broad view of life at the organisation.

19. Figma

It’s clear from the get go – without a word from anyone – that this is a company that works remotely. It’s also evident in the way that everyone speaks and dresses that Figma is a company where you can be casual, and ultimately, be yourself.

There’s nothing particularly special about this video other than the fact it just feels so…inviting. The team members, most of them speaking from their home, appear really relaxed, happy, and just genuinely enthusiastic about the company. What more can you ask for?! 

20. Next

This company culture video from Next combines a motivational soundtrack with fast-paced dynamic text to really grab the attention of viewers and express a level of pride and purpose that comes from working for them. 

The tone of this video is definitely different to a lot of others on this list. And it’s this kind of energy that can really inspire people to get in touch or start an application. 

Final thoughts

We just love a video round up! It’s a great way to gather inspiration, see what works for other brands, and get you pumped and ready to start your own video project!

We would love to help you create an amazing company culture video! Take a look at our Recruitment Video Production page to find out more, see examples, and get started.

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