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Demio Review 2024: Pricing, Features, and More!

Last updated on 20th June 2024

In this article we’re going to review Demio – taking into consideration pricing, features, and more – to see if it’s a tool that you need for your business in 2024.

Webinars – and video content in general – are great for engaging, educating, and converting customers. 

But, surprisingly, 11% of marketers don’t actually track the ROI of their video campaigns – and so never really know how successful or unsuccessful they’ve been. 

Demio is a webinar tool first and foremost, but with a focus on providing solid analytics that can help marketers better understand what works for their business and their audience. 

So, let’s take a look at Demio in more detail…

Demio is a cloud-based webinar platform with a focus on generating insights for data-driven marketers.
Pros: 1. Interactivity
2. Integrations
3. Tried & tested
Cons: 1. Costly
2. Limited customisation
Our rating

What is Demio?

Demio is a cloud-based webinar and virtual event platform that enables users to host engaging experiences, but also turn those experiences into analytical insights to improve marketing efforts and get a real view of ROI. 

So it’s basically a webinar and analytics tool combined. While Demio has all of the features you’d typically associate with a webinar platform, there is a real focus on delivering results. 

Who is Demio for?

Demio is aimed at marketing, sales, and customer success teams across all businesses – big and small. 

The platform has a lot of happy customers and testimonials on their site. They’ve also done some case studies that demonstrate the benefits of using Demio. 

It’s not clear exactly how many users Demio has, but they boast some pretty big brands as customers, including Ahrefs and Hewlett Packard Enterprise. 

Demio’s features

Demio has many features for different use cases and different teams. We recommend checking out their site for a comprehensive list, but we also wanted to share our top 3 with you here – in no particular order! 

1. Attendee engagement tools

There’s no shortage of attendee engagement tools on Demio, and that’s great because you need these little extras to make your webinars more fun and memorable. 

Demio’s attendee engagement tools include polls and handouts, to actively encourage audience participation. You can also create Q&As and use emojis and @ mentions to drive conversation. 

With analytics and data always in mind, Demio helps you to identify top engaged attendees – and build relationships with them – by using these tools.  

2. On-demand webinars

The on-demand webinar feature allows you to upload a video and schedule your webinars for any time. This means you can put your webinars on autopilot and literally generate leads while you sleep! 

And just because the webinars are automated doesn’t mean you lose out on important audience engagement. You can still schedule polls and handouts, and track who was most engaged during the session. 

3. Sophisticated analytics

This is where Demio really shines. Engagement analytics give you all of the information you need to build a successful relationship with customers and create quality experiences that really earn their loyalty. 

After each webinar, you can find out not only how many people attended, but also how many of them were focused – and for how long. 

In addition to that, you can identify intent by seeing who downloaded handouts, how people answered polls, and so on. Then you can integrate this data with your CRM platform to nurture your engaged attendees and nudge them along the next step in the customer journey. 

Demio’s pros & cons

Pro 1 – Interactivity

Demio offers a ton of interactive features, like real-time chat, polls, and handouts, that really encourage audience participation and increase engagement. 

Pro 2 – Integrations

Demio can integrate with many popular marketing and CRM tools, including HubSpot and Zapier, so that you can effectively manage and nurture your leads. 

Pro 3 – Tried & tested

Demio has a lot of awards and accolades that they share on their site, including being voted G2’s High Performer in Europe for Summer 2023. The company has also done several case studies with their users that have garnered impressive results, like a 3x increase in webinar conversions

Con 1 – Costly

Demio is expensive from the get-go, with no free plan available and the least expensive plan still coming in at $42 per month (when priced annually). 

Con 2 – Limited customisation

Customisation options are only available for users on the more expensive plans, so this is required if you want to create highly tailored webinar experiences. 

Demio pricing

Demio has 3 straightforward pricing plans: Starter, Growth, and Premium. The cost of each plan increases incrementally, and can be paid monthly or yearly (with annual subscriptions at a discounted rate). Let’s take a look at each plan in more detail.

The Starter plan costs $42 per month (when paid yearly) and allows for one host and up to 50 attendees, making it perfect for small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who are maybe just starting out with webinars. You get access to all audience participation features, like chats and polls, and also engagement analytics. However, for customisation options you’ll need to upgrade. 

The Growth plan costs $75 per month (when paid yearly) if you want a room that hosts 150 attendees. The price increases as you add more hosts and attendees. The Growth plan is aimed at growing companies (no surprise there!) that need more brand control. Speaking of control, this plan gives you access to most of the customisation options and has an 8 hour session limit (in comparison to Starter’s 3 hours). 

Finally, we have the Premium plan. This is for businesses that want to host regular webinars with large audiences and need a dedicated support team. The cost starts from $184 per month, and this increases based on the number of attendees and hosts. In addition to priority support, Premium users also benefit from premium integrations, custom domains, and a 10 hour session limit. 

Demio’s customer support

Demio’s customer support is pretty straightforward – and isn’t that exactly what we all want when it comes to solving issues?

There’s an FAQs section for self-troubleshooting: 

And a contact form for more complex issues:

In addition to this, Demio also has a knowledge base that users can utilise as kind of an in-depth onboarding portal. There’s lots of articles that explain exactly how to do certain things, like creating an event and managing integrations. 

And, while not strictly related to customer support, Demio also offers a library of webinars that teach users how to run better webinars (pretty meta). 

This can be a great place to start for any new users who prefer to learn by watching a video. According to our Video Marketing Statistics 2022, that’s 73% of us! 

Demio: Final score

Our rating
Demio is a great platform for businesses that are really serious about webinars. The platform makes it easy to host engaging webinars, and analyse them under a microscope so you can keep making improvements that increase conversions.

If you still want to shop around, take a look at our WebinarJam Review for 2024.

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