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EverWebinar Review 2024: Pricing, Features, and More!

Last updated on 23rd May 2024

In this article we’re going to review EverWebinar – taking into consideration pricing, features, and more – to see if it’s a tool that you need for your business in 2024.

Webinars are becoming more and more prominent in marketers’ toolkits – and with good reason. A webinar essentially allows you to present to potential customers via a live video stream, and participants also sometimes have the option to chat with you in real time. 

According to our State of Video Marketing survey, 44% of people prefer to learn about a product or service by watching a short video, which is more than any other method. And a webinar is kind of like a more personal version of that. 

Of course, if you’re going to be giving regular webinars to your audience then you’ll need a tool that you can rely on and trust. 

So, let’s take a look at EverWebinar to find out if it’s the tool for you!

EverWebinar is an online platform that you can use to create and share automated webinars that will help you to engage more people and close more deals – without ever being present!
Pros: 1. Detailed analytics
2. Easy integration
3. Lots of customisation
Cons: 1. Financial commitment
2. Learning curve
Our rating

What is EverWebinar?

EverWebinar is a cloud-based software that gives you the power to create pre-recorded webinars that look and feel live. 

This automation can be an amazing way to scale up your webinars and reach bigger audiences – after all, there’s only so many hours in the day for you to conduct live webinars. And, even then, the times you set might not be convenient for all of your customers. 

With EverWebinar, you can record the perfect presentation and use that to sell time and time again, streaming to any device in HD quality. It’s essentially a tool for making your webinars evergreen – the clue is in the name!

Who is EverWebinar for?

EverWebinar is for busy people! But, more specifically, the software is for anyone who wants to leverage webinars as part of their marketing strategy. 

EverWebinar is primarily aimed at businesses and entrepreneurs who want to promote their products or services and generate leads through webinars. 

But the automation tool can also appeal to educators and content creators – people who want to educate and engage with their audience, maybe across different time zones. And EverWebinar is already used by some big name brands, like Mailchimp and Zapier!

Basically, if you’re utilising webinars and want to find a way to scale your efforts and reach a broader audience, EverWebinar is for you. 

EverWebinar’s features

EverWebinar has an impressive set of features that can really help you to elevate your webinar game. 

There are so many that it’s worth checking them out for yourself. But we still wanted to give you the low-down on our top 5 features of EverWebinar – in no particular order!  

1. Flexible scheduling

One of the best things about automating your webinars is making them available for your audience to view whenever it’s most convenient for them. Flexible scheduling helps with this by allowing you to select specific dates and times for your webinars: 

You can also automate this one step further by setting recurring sessions, so that there’s always a webinar scheduled and ready to go for your potential customers. 

2. On-demand webinars

In addition to scheduling webinars, you can also utilise the on-demand feature to make it appear to users who land on your site that they are just in time for a webinar! This immediacy can help to maximise attendance.

3. Live chat

The idea behind these automated webinars is to give the illusion that they are, in fact, live. So, live chat is a pretty important feature to have! With EverWebinar, you can chat with attendees in real time while your webinar plays out. 

And, for those occasions where you can’t be available to live chat, EverWebinar has a live chat simulator. 

This makes it look like there are lots of attendees and gives the impression that the webinar is happening live. 

4. Polls and surveys

A large part of webinars is engagement. Polls and surveys are another great way to simulate live interaction and make your webinars seem fun and engaging. 

Depending on what you’re using your webinars for, you can have a bit of fun here or actually quiz your attendees on what they’ve learnt. 

5. Active offers

One of the best features available for increasing conversions is the active offers tool. This allows you to share visually captivating pop ups with your audience at exactly the right time:

This makes it easy for audience members to purchase with just one click! You can also add a sense of urgency by including an offer countdown or limiting the number of available products.  

EverWebinar’s pros & cons

Pro 1 – Detailed analytics

EverWebinar provides comprehensive analytics and data for everything from traffic and attendee engagement to conversion rate and drop off. Everything you need to improve your webinar strategy. 

Pro 2 – Easy integration

It’s easy to link EverWebinar to your current email marketing platforms and CRM software for simple and effective management of your webinar marketing campaigns. 

Pro 3 – Lots of customisation

You really can make EverWebinar your own, with tons of customisation options to choose from. You can customise messaging and automated responses, and your landing pages. You can also create unique polls and surveys, and so much more! 

Con 1 – Financial commitment 

The only plans available by EverWebinar are annual or biennial, so you need to make a large financial commitment up front that – if you decide not to use the software or don’t use it enough – you could end up making a loss on. 

Con 2 – Learning curve

EverWebinar is an amazing tool, but you really need to take the time to understand all of the different features in order to get the most out of the platform. Initially, you’ll likely need to invest a lot of time into understanding the features and settings required for your automated webinars. 

EverWebinar pricing

EverWebinar makes pricing really easy. They have two plans that offer identical features. The only difference is when you pay – and how much.

The Yearly plan is $499, billed annually. However, if you sign up for the Biennial plan (meaning you are billed every 2 years), you can save money by paying a total of $874 for both years (so $62 cheaper per year than the annual plan) and benefit from the first 3 months free. 

As mentioned, both plans give you access to ALL features, including a live chat simulator, A/B split testing, clickable CTAs, and more. 

EverWebinar’s customer support

The support available to EverWebinar customers is pretty robust. If you read our review of WebinarJam, then a lot of this will probably look familiar. Both EverWebinar and WebinarJam are owned by the same company and, as such, they share a help portal. 

The help portal is split into 6 sections:

1. Jam Academy 

Jam Academy is a learning portal that offers users step-by-step video training for both softwares. 

2. Product Support

Product Support is the place you go to if you need help. EverWebinar offers 24/7 support via email and live chat, and there’s also a long list of FAQs to help you self-troubleshoot issues. 

3. Account Management

This section helps you with all of the admin stuff! Need to update your profile, edit your payment information or manage notifications? This is where you go.

4. Billing Support

If you have issues that are specific to billing, rather than product queries, then this section will help you out. EverWebinar offers 24/7 billing support for users. 

5. Community 

EverWebinar has a community on Facebook that you can join to network with like-minded people and find out about strategies for making your automated webinars the best they can be. 

6. Technical Documentation

Lastly, there is a section for tech-savvy users who want to dig into how the more advanced features of the software work. 

It’s refreshing to have all of the help tools divided out in this way. It makes the help portal stress-free to navigate and allows users to get their issue resolved swiftly. 

Another really nice touch that helps users out on EverWebinar is the accessibility menu that’s available from any page. 

It allows users to toggle different accessibility profiles either on or off, depending on their specific requirements. 

EverWebinar: Final score

Our rating
If you’re looking for a platform to create and share automated webinars, EverWebinar delivers on everything you could possibly need. You need to invest time and money up front, but once you’ve done that you should be able to use the tool in many different ways to engage your audience and ultimately close more deals.

Still want to consider your options? Check out our WebinarJam Review.

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Samantha Ferguson

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