An incredible filmmaker once said: To make a great film you need three things: the script, the script, and the script.

The same applies to making a great explainer video!

Video marketing is becoming more and more popular with each passing day. With so many of the world’s largest brands widely adopting video into their marketing strategy, and more and more customers expecting videos from companies it is steadily becoming the most widely used form of marketing. An example of this is the fact that Facebook video views have hit 3 billion daily, tripling since early fall 2014.

So, it’s safe to say, video is a medium that all marketers should be taking advantage of. The backbone of any great video is the script, and in this blog we’re going to talk you through why you need a great explainer video script, and how to write one!


Video content can increase the chances of front page Google ranking by 53 times! Now, whilst that is all well and good, if your video is terrible no one will watch it until the end, and therefore no one will see your call-to-action. So, it’s important to make sure you have a solid idea, which will in turn create a solid script, which will then lead to an engaging video!

On top of being great for SEO and incredibly popular, there are tons more reasons why you should create an explainer video.  One of the biggest reasons to make a great explainer video is because they make money! 52% of marketing professionals worldwide actually name video as the type of content with best ROI.

Video is also important because it gives your brand a presence on YouTube. YouTube is one of the biggest websites online to date, and it revolves around video content. You wouldn’t ignore other large sites like Facebook and Twitter, so why should you dismiss a site as popular as YouTube?

Now that you’ve been presented with reasons WHY is it definitely essential to create an explainer video, it’s time to find out how to get started by writing an incredible script.


Now, we wouldn’t be a very good video marketing agency if we were all talk and no action!  So, we’ve made a video for you (below) that explains how to write a great explainer video script.

To go into more detail about what Adam said in the video above there is basically a six-step checklist to writing a great script for your explainer video.

1. Plan it

Before creating a video script you need an idea. For an explainer video your ideas don’t have to be too far-fetched, they can even be as simple as a step-by-step guide on how to use your website, or a problem that your customers face and you in turn, fix. On the other hand, you can go as crazy as you like with your ideas, especially if you choose a medium like animation where there are virtually no boundaries.

2. Keep it Short

As Adam said in the above video blog, viewer engagement tends to be lost after the two minute mark. Therefore, it’s safer to keep your video below 90 seconds. This is easier said than done considering we’re all so passionate about our brands and have a lot to say about them. The important thing is to only say what is necessary. A good idea is to involve someone who has no emotional attachment to your brand who can review your script fairly.

3. Make it Fit

Your video has to be moulded to fit not only your brand voice and image, but also to fit the specific factors that your target audience will be searching for, as well as answering the questions that they want answers to. Your video should always directly address your target audience in a language they understand. If you try to target too many different people the likelihood is that your video won’t appeal to anyone.

4. Make it Fun

I think this point goes without saying. No one is going to share your video with their friends or colleagues if it isn’t fun to watch. Video is an engaging medium and that is why it is so popular among marketers and customers alike. The important thing is to find a balance between interesting things happening on the screen, and your message being clearly portrayed by the voiceover.

5. Make it Flow

It can be strange to go from writing in formats that are intended to be read in the mind like, reports, emails, and even blog posts, to writing an explainer video voiceover that will be read aloud. To ensure that your writing flows correctly you should read it out load a few times. You’ll be surprised how different it is to write for an explainer video script, and reading aloud will ensure you weed out any ill-fitting sentences.

6. Call-to-action

All successful explainer videos will finish with a clear call-to-action. Your call-to-action is basically what you want your customer to do after viewing your video, it can be anything from contacting you for more information to downloading your app. You should also always finish your explainer video with your company contact details and your logo so that your brand is clear in the customer’s mind.

Closing Thoughts

Watching videos can be great fun, and it is certainly an easy way to digest and remember important information. But, creating a video can prove to be pretty taxing, especially if you’re new to this kind of thing. Here at Wyzowl, we can take care of all aspects of explainer video creation for your company, from scriptwriting all the way to animation. We’re also happy to offer any advice on promotion, and what you should do with your video after you’ve created it.

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