Viral Videos That Break The Internet

It’s impossible to predict what will and won’t become viral, but what we can do is create videos that are fun and “of the moment” so that they appeal to a wide audience.

Viral / Sharable Video Examples

These are just a few of the videos we’ve created. We have plenty more to show you, so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!


Our Simple Process


Once we fully understand your business and your requirements we’ll write the script for your video.


We create all the graphics from scratch to match your style requirements and brand guidelines.

Voiceover & Music

Male, Female, English, American and many other languages. You have the choice of voiceover and music for your video.


We’ll animate the graphics to give life to the video. It’s important to make sure the video flows perfectly at this stage.

Want Further Info & Pricing?

Whether you’re just starting to look at video marketing, looking for some help and advice or know what you want, we can help. Our team of experts are happy to chat with no obligation to buy. We can give you tips on direction, style, length, script, graphics, animation, voiceover, music and promotion. We’ve been there and done it more than most – so let us help you.

Benefits of a Viral Video

The benefits of your video going viral are endless, but here are some of the best for brands in our opinion…

1. Free Exposure

Free ExposureOne of the greatest benefits of viral videos is that they become newsworthy, and this means they get lots of free exposure on popular websites and publications.

2. Brand Awareness

Brand AwarenessA viral video will hugely increase your brand awareness because everyone will be watching it and telling their friends about it!

3. Boosted SEO

In House TeamHaving exposure on big websites and an increase in brand awareness will also lead to a flood of traffic to your website, and this will boost your SEO.

4. Unprecedented Reach

Unprecedented ReachWhen videos go viral, they can reach millions, sometimes even hundreds of millions, of views. There is no other financially viable way to reach so many people in such a short amount of time.

5. Cost-Effective Marketing

Cost-Effective MarketingThe kind of free exposure you get with a viral video doesn’t come cheap if you attempt to pay for it. Promoting your video can cost a lot, but if you’re video goes viral then there is no need.

6. Fast Results

Fast ResultsViral videos blow up FAST. Within a few hours of your video going viral, it is likely that lots of people are aware of your brand and what you do. To get these results through traditional marketing would take a lot of time, effort, and money.

Ebook: The Ultimate Guide To Creating The Perfect Explainer Video

Everything you need to know to create an amazing explainer video

We have created over 2,250 explainer videos for over 1,300 clients in the past few years. This makes us one of the market leaders in our industry. In this ebook we pass on all our knowledge of scripting, design, animation, process and promotion. We also discuss software and types of video you can create. This is a comprehensive ebook that aims to impart years of knowledge in an easy to understand piece.

The Wyzowl Guarantee Brand Guarantee

When you work with Wyzowl you’ll get a whole range of benefits. These benefits help us ensure we create high quality videos that our clients love with a service they come back to and recommend time after time.

Unlimited Revisions

Unlimited RevisionsWe offer unlimited revisions within the scope of your project at every stage. We’ll contine to make changes until you’re happy. This means you can always rely on a video you love!

Fixed Turnaround Times

Fixed Turnaround TimesWe work to fixed turnaround times at every stage of the process. We’ll also give you specific delivery dates for everything we do. This means you’ll know exactly when each part of your video will be complete.

Dedicated Team

Dedicated TeamWhen you work with us on a video you’ll have a dedicated team of experts at your disposal. We’ll introduce you to each person who works on your project and you’ll be able to chat with them directly.

Fixed Pricing

Fixed PricingWe hate it when a price changes for seemingly no reason. That’s why we offer fixed prices for every second of animation. This way you’ll always be able to stay within budget.

All Inclusive Package

All Inclusive PackageWhen you choose Wyzowl everything is included within your simple fixed price. Consultation with our team, script writing, design, animation, voiceover, music, sound effects and a HD video.

Direct Access To Your Team

Direct Access To Your TeamYou are able to talk directly to each person working on your video at each stage. We built our own online project management system so you have direct access to ask questions at any time.

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