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How to use video to make your customers love you!

In this modern age of cynicism, a customer who truly LOVES your brand, product or service is a precious commodity indeed. Not only can you rely on their continued loyalty to your cause, but they can act as an invaluable source of free marketing for your business, via the magic of word-of-mouth advertising. Repeat business represents a lovely warming beacon of reassurance amidst all this tiresome economic doom-and-gloom…a bit like a knitted jumper, but not quite as itchy.

Of course – and here’s the rub – getting customers to love your business isn’t easy. Otherwise everyone would be doing it. Delivering a magical customer experience is clearly a challenging proposition, and there are many facets to consider. But one area that you mightn’t have considered, which could make a huge, almost immediate impact to your customer love-o-meter, is VIDEO. We’ll tell you why…

1. Tell your story

Very simply, a video is an awesome way to communicate your brand story to existing and potential fans. It may be condensed into no more than 1 or 2 minutes, but make no mistake, every single second – from the colours, to the graphic style, to the fonts used, to the tone of the voiceover, the music used, and the language itself – communicates a series of powerful messages about your brand. And it’s much more engaging than any other medium you could name!

Obviously, you have a bit more leeway in an animated video. You can tell a story – make it funny, cool or inspiring – and give your fans something to pass on to their friends. After all, studies have shown that over 68% of viewers on the internet will share a video with a friend. Talk about spreading the love…

But even using a basic, screen-capture video gives you some scope to make a statement and exhibit your brand’s personality. And ensuring you have a strong and consistent personality, across multiple touchpoints, can play a significant role in connecting your brand with consumers.

2. Understanding

There’s little doubt that a video – done right – will help viewers better understand your brand or product. This is a particularly salient point when it comes to mobile apps and websites, with specific processes to follow and features to demonstrate. Sure, you could rely on masses of text and even screenshots to demonstrate all this – but nothing’s quite as powerful as the viewer being able to watch the process for themselves. This allows them to better understand your product in advance of any purchase…which may help further down the line (see point 5!)

Studies have shown that the average internet user spends up to 88% more time on a website with video, and it stands to reason that, simply by spending more time on your website, your audience is likely to better understand your value proposition.

3. Expectations

Have you ever downloaded an app or piece of software that sounded great, the screenshots looked great, but when you actually opened it up…er…not quite what you expected? How did it make you feel? Pretty much the opposite of ‘love’ in our experience. More a cacophony of disappointment and rage (or something less severe…)

Point ‘2’ about customer understanding is really important because, if your customers PROPERLY understand your product before they buy it, they’ve made an informed decision based on the realistic capabilities of your product. It means that you’re much more likely to meet their expectations after they’ve hit that magical ‘Buy’ or ‘Download’ button. The net result of this? They knew what they were getting…they got it. They’re happy! They love you. And isn’t that the whole idea?

4. Awareness

Customers can’t love you if they don’t know about you yet! Fortunately, video is a great way to get discovered. People consume video prolifically these days, and the numbers are growing. 89 million people will watch 1.2 BILLION online videos today…and that’s just in the United States! Scary numbers. In 2012, an average of 1.3 billion global online video viewers watched an average of 180 videos each month. This is a huge global audience, and if you could even grab a tiny slice of it, it’d likely make a huge difference to your business.

Another factor to consider is that YouTube is the web’s second largest search engine behind Google, with over 1 billion unique visitors each month, watching over 6 billion hours of video – a number which has risen 50% in the last year alone! In simple terms, it represents a golden opportunity for a huge audience to discover you, and if you don’t have a presence on there – you really need to ask yourself ‘why not?’

5. Help

So, we’ve established that video can help customers better understand your product before they buy or download it. But video has an extra benefit. Should your customers get stuck, one or a series of videos on your website can lay out the process, crystal clear, for them to watch and resolve the issue themselves – without support queries or calls to your contact centre. Not only does this preserve your resources, customers love being able to resolve issues for themselves without your help. Check out our full blog article on how video can help reduce your support queries.

So, there’s just a few of the reasons why a video can play a huge part in getting your customers to really love you. Here at Wyzowl, we’ve got 1250+ videos of experience and expertise behind us, and we’d love to chat if you think a video could be the missing ingredient in your business. Get in touch with us for a friendly chat 🙂