Recruitment, like any industry, must evolve to appeal to new generations. As it stands, video content is the king of the digital world, so it’s no surprise that companies using video in their recruitment strategy are benefitting from an increased number of applicants. According to Jobcast, job posts get 36% more applicants if accompanied by a recruiting video.

In this article, we’re going to look at the 15 best recruitment explainer videos of all time to give you some inspiration!

1. Dropbox

I’m kicking this article off with one of the most unique approaches to the ’employee interview’ I have ever seen. With Dropbox‘s clever use of puppets and other visual gags, we’re still hearing exactly what their employees have to say, but the imagery is more captivating than the usual approach. 

2. Apple

This video tells the story of working for Apple from the point of view of different employees. Lots of companies do this, but Apple does it with a twist. All of the employees in this video are talking about how difficult it is to create the effortless-looking products that so many people know and love, thus appealing to the kind of recruits they want: hard workers who relish challenges. 

3. BBHLondon

Woah. There are some videos that are so good you just have to watch them again, and this is one of them. The inspirational rap/poetry matched with a mixture of the company’s employees, past work and carefully selected stock video clips creates a phenomenal ad for any potential ‘black sheep’ looking to join the BBH flock

4. Google

This is a bit on the long side for a recruitment explainer video, but as possibly the most sought after company to work for, Google can afford to bend the rules a little. This video tells a story in three acts: first we meet the interns, then we see them introduced to their roles, and finally they recap their first week as Google interns. It gives a great insight into what it is like to be an intern at Google, but if that isn’t enough for you, Hollywood made a feature film about the experience!  

5. American Red Cross

This video may not be the flashiest on the list, but for a non-profit organisation it does the trick. Instead of listing requirements for potential recruits, like many other recruitment videos do, this videographic-style video focuses mainly on statistics to inspire people to join the American Red Cross and help make a difference.  

6. Shopify

Everyone loves memes. So Shopify decided to base its entire recruitment video around one. This video draws humour from a misunderstanding between the CEO and the Head of Talent Acquisition, who coincidentally, are great actors! The video is shot in a super-serious style too, which further adds to the humour and keeps viewers watching until the very end. 

7. Fiverr

Fiverr‘s recruitment explainer video is painfully self-aware and this makes it interesting, funny and unique. It draws attention to the fact that, because so many recruitment videos are the same, it’s difficult to know which business is being showcased. My guess is that it’s based on the awesome ‘Generic Brand Video‘ that was released a few years ago.  


While not directly about recruitment, this explainer video detailing the history of KPMG, radiates a sense of pride, security, and purpose, three factors that are very desirable to people seeking a meaningful career. 

The video presents different scenarios throughout history in which KPMG helped or improved situations for the wider community. The overall feel of the video is that this is a company with purpose.

9. Zendesk

Zendesk opted to create a straight-talking recruitment video that shows what day-to-day life in the office is like without rose-tinted glasses on. The good news is, it still looks pretty awesome. The real footage of the office, the people and the surrounding area give the video a personal feel. It is almost like one of those ‘second-a-day’ videos that pop up on YouTube from time to time.

The laid-back atmosphere found in the visuals, teamed with deadpan voiceover add humour to the video.

10. BambooHR 

The direction of this recruitment video is a little different. Instead of talking about what it is like to work at BambooHR, the employees talk about what they like to do in their spare time. There is a big emphasis on work-life balance here, so much so that the working hours are actually stated.

The style of this video is also a little different. They mix stop-motion with live-action and still photographs, and the result is pretty cool!

11. Twitter

This is another recruitment video that uses self-awareness to create humour. This story within a story shows the Twitter employees taking the initiative to create a recruitment video and then showing it to their less than impressed CEO.

On the surface, everything about this video is terrible: the production value, the music, the script, and more than anything, the special effects. But, it’s so bad that it’s good! Only a huge company like Twitter could get away with this.

12. Deloitte

Click here to take a look!

Interactivity is the future of video marketing. So it should come as no surprise that some companies, such as Deloitte, are creating gamified interactive recruitment experiences.

This video places the viewer in the shoes of a new employee, allowing them to live out a day in the company before even getting the role. The interactive challenges place the viewer in situations linked to the company’s core values, helping to determine whether a candidate is suitable or not.

13. McDonalds

The majority of people hired by McDonalds are teenagers and young adults, and this video appeals to that demographic perfectly. 

In Japan, anime is a hugely popular genre with young people, and so McDonalds used this style when creating their recruitment video. The result is an enjoyable, engaging video that tells a heartwarming story and evokes a sense of inspiration and motivation in viewers.

14. Adecco

This recruitment video from Adecco is great because it creates a sense of urgency in viewers. The short clip shows footage of the various roles available and the energetic voiceover presents all of the information needed – and no more! 

When issues are time-sensitive, some marketers are reluctant to use video as a way to reach the masses. But with video content rising in popularity every day, video is arguably the best and quickest way to reach people.

15. Insomniac Games

Insomniac Games took their recruitment video in an unusual direction by creating a music video. The song covers everything you’d expect from a recruitment video: the employee benefits, company achievements, and so on.

The video is set in the office, giving viewers a great chance to check out their potential new workplace, and it’s clear that the atmosphere of the business is fun and laid-back. Plus, the song is surprisingly catchy! 

Final Thoughts

What’s so great about this list is that the videos are SO varied. When it comes to making a recruitment explainer video, the most important factor is your business. Think about what would sell your company to a potential employee. Maybe it would be a funny, story-led animation, or perhaps a corporate live-action video with your employees at the forefront. Once you’ve decided on this, the rest will follow!