The Wyzowl Team

Find out who we are, what we do and put a face to the name! We all work in one office where we can chat about video projects and enjoy ourselves. If you'd like to find out more about us please check out the Wyzowl about us page or watch a video intro to Wyzowl.

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Matt Byrom

Managing Director

Janice Byrom

Customer Services Manager

Chris Mather

Animation Manager

Tom Wiggins

Senior Animator

Kiran Parmar

Senior Animator

Adam Hayes

Content Manager

Mark Moore

Illustration Manager

Sarah Quinn

Community Manager

Martin Bailey

Senior Illustrator/Animator

Sarah Byrom

Sales Team Manager

Julie Grindley

Finance Manager

Josh Cunliffe


Hassan Ali

Social Media Executive

Neil Keating


Michaela Walsh


Andy Bryant


Sam Gregory


Dan Felton


Sophie Culton


Jenny Smith

Marketing Manager

Adam Cain

Account Manager

Lauren Galt

Account Manager

Want To See How We Can Help You?

Whether you’re just starting to look at video marketing, looking for some help and advice or know what you want, we can help. Our team of experts are happy to chat with no obligation to buy. We can give you tips on direction, style, length, script, graphics, animation, voiceover, music and promotion. We’ve been there and done it more than most - so let us help you.

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