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We Create Engaging Videos That Showcase Your Software

Whether it is a screen recorded feature demo or an animated video that highlights your best selling points, your software company would benefit from an engaging video.
We’ve created software videos for companies including:

Software Video Examples

Watch some of the software videos we’ve created below:

What Is A Software Video?

A software video tells an engaging story about what you do, who you help and the unique benefits your software delivers. That’s benefits, not features. Yes, you may have a staggeringly long list of features you’d love to tell the world about, but it’s hard to get people to care about what you do. It’s much easier to get them interested in what you can do for them. Video accomplishes this beautifully, and boy is it effective.

The results show for themselves. More than 69% of people reported having been convinced to buy an app or software by watching a video. It’s also loaded with benefits for marketers. Videos are versatile and help increase the effectiveness of your efforts in other channels. You can promote your software explainer video on lead pages, use it for onboarding, app demos, trade shows, FAQs, and more!

Amazing, amazing, amazing. This is quite frankly the best service I have received from a business in many many years. Why can’t more people be like Wyzowl?? Keep it up.
Simon Rayner – PR in a Box

Benefits of a Software Video

Using video to explain your software can benefit your company in many ways, from helping out your clients to assisting your customer service team.

1. Reduce Support Calls

Reduce Support Calls It’s common for people to sign up for a piece of software, click about and quickly decide if it’s right for them. If they can’t find solutions to problems along the way then they might never return. Video acts as an always on support tool that can save your customers and your team time!

2. Increase Customer Satisfaction

Increase Customer Satisfaction No one enjoys calling customer support, but watching a quick video and solving a problem yourself is satisfying. Software feature demos also increase satisfaction by managing customer expectations from the start.

3. Sparks Interest

Sparks Interest Seeing is believing. When you’re trying to sell your software, it helps if prospects can see it in action so that they know what they’re getting. A software feature demo can help you do this.

4. Educate Current Customers

Educate Current Customers Software videos aren’t just for gaining and helping new customers, you can also educate your current customers so that they get the best from your software.

5. Increase Conversion Rate

Increase Conversion Rate This might sound obvious, but creating a video that increases customer satisfaction and sparks interest can also increase your conversion rate. After watching your video, viewers will have a better understanding of your software and a better understanding of whether it is right for their needs.

6. Save Time

Save Time A knock-on effect of your software video reducing support calls and increasing customer satisfaction is that you save time managing customers. Customers can happily solve their own problems by watching a quick video, and you can get on with other important tasks at hand.

How To Use A Non-Profit Video

Lead Pages

Lead pages, or landing pages, are one of the most important kinds of online content to your software business. It’s where you capture leads and gain new followers who are interested in the problem your software solves. It’s how you keep your pipeline stacked with prospects.

Why use a software video on your landing page? Because people love video online. The average person watches videos online for more than an hour and a half every day. Instead of being given pages of text to read, why not give them a fun video experience with your product that makes them excited to learn more. You can include awards you’ve won, customer examples, client testimonials, relatable scenarios where your software can save the day! You may even want to whet their appetite with a few a frames of your product.


Software sales don’t stop at the point of purchase. The onboarding process is crucial for software companies. If a customer doesn’t quickly have a good experience with your product, there’s a good chance you’ll lose them. In software, you’ve got a limited window of opportunity to turn a plain old registered user into an active user.

There’s a critical time between when someone becomes your customer and when they have their first success with your software. When marketers do more to encourage that first success with a software product, there’s lower rates of churn. The key is creating something people want to interact with. Video offers an entertaining way to breeze through the software onboarding process that helps insure higher rates of success.

App Demo

You could do some screenshots, draw some squiggly lines over them and then point to things to explain how your app works. Or, you could create a lively video app demo that doesn’t just rattle off a laundry list of features. A great software explainer video can show you how much fun it is to use your app and what it can do.

Show audiences how you make their lives better. Try walking them through their first task. Give them some savvy tips to getting started. App users are notoriously fickle. Many abandon an app after one use, or never test it out at all. Create moments of delight that will stick with them and encourage them to become active users. An app demo video can show them the way.

Help/FAQ Page

When you’re using a software product, questions are always going to pop up. New users can get stuck trying to do things for the first time. New features can be tricky to use at first if you don’t understand them. Having support for your software product is critical to keeping customers happy. But what if you could help cut down on all the questions your support team has to field (by a lot)?

You can cut down questions dramatically with an animated software explainer video. Our survey reported that a video could cut support requests by 47%. Use your software video to give people a walkthrough of the top product features. Already know the top questions you get asked? Add them to a video. Often users get frustrated reading through piles of documentation. Video is a friendlier, more human way to make people feel supported in using your software product or app.

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