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We Create Awesome Animated Videos For The Security Industry

An animated explainer video is the perfect way to demonstrate your security solution.

Security Video Examples

See a few examples of videos we’ve created for the security industry below:

What Is A Security Video?

A security video is a 1-2 minute video that demonstrates the security solution you provide and what makes you different from every other security company out there. Instead of giving audiences long paragraphs of text to read and trying to explain complex mechanisms, an animated explainer video can do the job in record time.

People respond better to video marketing too. Research shows consumers prefer watching video to reading text. According to our recent survey, 72% of people said they’d rather watch a video to learn more about a service or product when given a choice between video and text. An engaging video explaining what you do is uniquely versatile too. Video can be used across your marketing channels, from your website and email to real-life events and trade shows.

We chose Wyzowl because we found them very easy to work with. They were able to take simple directions from us and create amazing videos that really conveyed our message to our customers with very short turnaround times.
Mark Bell – Barracuda Networks


Benefits of a Security Video

A video will help you explain and demonstrate your security solution. Here are some of the key benefits:

1. Generate Interest

Generate Interest Video gives you the power to tell extraordinary stories about your business, in a dynamic, engaging format that’s proven to grab (and hold) audience attention. This can help get people hooked, ready to take the next step and find out more!

2. Showcase The Benefits

Showcase The Benefits With video, you can tell the story of what really makes your security business different. You can sell these benefits – not by merely talking about them, or listing them – but by illustrating, and showing them, within a powerful, impactful story that leaves a real impression on your viewer.

3. Easy To Share

Easy To Share Our research tells us that, when viewers watch and enjoy a branded video, 83% would consider sharing it with their friends. This proves what we already suspected: Video is a highly shareable content type that can greatly amplify your reach as a business, putting your message in front of new, potential customers.

4. Ideal For Social Media

Ideal For Social Media Video and social media go together like movies and popcorn! Mark Zuckerberg has said we live in a ‘video first world’ – and, unsurprisingly, video content is given huge prominence and priority on social news feeds. If you’re looking to reach new customers on social with your messaging, video is perhaps the perfect format to do so.

5. Cut Through The Noise At Events

Cut Through The Noise At Events Events are a great opportunity to network and connect with new partners and customers. Creating a video that can be shown at events can be a great way to set your security business aside from the competition, break through the noise, make an impact and strike up meaningful conversations with potential customers.

6. Grab And Hold Attention

Grab And Hold Attention When it comes to grabbing and holding audience attention, video is perhaps the most powerful content type available. Its unique blend of design, music, sound effects and movement stimulate a variety of different learning styles, helping boost knowledge transfer and retention.

How To Use A Security Video


Building a website that engages people and converts prospects is tough. How do you get people to stick around long enough to listen? A business explainer video can be a complete game changer for your website. So, consider placing it on your most-visited of all website pages, your homepage.

By placing your explainer video on your homepage, your visitors will get a fast-paced and engaging look at your security solution. They’ll also be more likely to stick around for more. According to our research, 80% of marketers who use video on their website say it’s increased visitor dwell time.

When someone takes the time to understand what you do, they’re also more likely to move into the consideration and buying stages to become a customer. That means video can help drive sales and improve your website performance.

At Events

Have you ever been surrounded by noise and competing booths at a security event or trade show, and wondered how to get through to attendees? The pressure to bring home results from an event can be tremendous, and attendees seem to become more and more immune to outreach every year.

With an explainer video, you’ve got a whole new way to capture the attention of prospects at an event who pass by your booth — without resorting to the typical high-pressure sales tactics that can scare people off. Here’s what to do, give people a comfortable viewing area to watch your security explainer video. Then sit back, let people watch and learn on their own. When they’re ready, they’ll come to you with questions once they better understand what your security solution does. Our research shows that more than 76% of businesses who use video say it’s helped them increase sales.

By giving people a low-pressure environment to learn about your security service or product, you’ll have a stream of warmed up leads you can have more meaningful conversations with. No elevator pitch required!


For many companies, email is one of their most valuable ways to communicate with their clients. It’s also one of the best conversion channels many companies have. So how do you make one of your most effective marketing channels even more effective? Adding an animated explainer video could be the answer.

Research shows that just adding the word “video” to your email subject lines can have an astonishing result. In one study, email open rates skyrocketed 19% just by adding the word “video” to the email subject line.

Here’s how you can add video content to your email to get the best results. Make your business explainer video the first email in your autoresponder series. When people sign up to receive emails about your security solution, they’ll be able to view your video right off the bat. It’s the perfect way to help make sure you engage prospects from the get-go. A video is more likely to hook people and get them interested in learning more about you.

Video can also help you make and keep stronger connections. Add your video to your email signature to create a video introduction to your company every time you make a new connection.


Great companies provide great customer service. It’s important for people to have an effective way to understand your product when they get confused about the way it works.

With an increasing amount of commerce taking place online today, creating great tutorials is more important than ever. What better way to make sure people get the help they need than with a video? Research shows more than 80% of people learn better with visual info.

Since people learn better with video, creating video tutorial content can address your company’s most frequently asked questions and the most common misconceptions surrounding your product or service. In our study of companies who adopted video to answer support inquiries, 47% of companies said video helped them reduce support questions.

The great thing about video is that it doesn’t have to be an either/or. You don’t have to throw away your current support pages to implement video. Video can work alongside your existing content. Start by picking the topics that cause your support staff the most headaches, and add video content to them. You’ll see the results in fewer support queries and happier customers.

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