New Brand, New Products, New Possibilities!

Since 2011, we’ve created over 3,000 videos for clients in 40+ countries worldwide.

Now, we’re evolving, growing, levelling up – with a new look, a new website, and a renewed focus on helping our clients achieve amazing things with video.

We’re really excited about all this, and wanted to take the time to explain what’s happening, and why! But first, take a look at our new brand video:


Why change?

It’s incredible to think that we’ve been doing what we do for over eight years now. The time has flown by.

But the truth is, along the way, we’ve changed and grown massively as a team and as a business.

Originally, we had a fairly narrow focus. We almost exclusively created short, 1-2 minute explainer videos that would communicate the value of a product, service or idea in a clear, engaging way.

The idea has been an absolute winner. Our customers have embraced our model of creating these videos with unlimited revisions, fixed turnaround times and simple, fixed pricing, and they trust us to tell their stories time and again.

None of that will change.

But, as our team has grown, so has the potential of video. Now, in 2019, there are so many other ways to use video content. Smart brands are increasingly using video throughout their audience journey, at every step – to attract, explain and support.

In recent years, we’ve been doing more and more work aimed towards achieving these goals.

It feels like it’s time to recognise all that with a new look and a new way of presenting our services to the market. We want to inspire more people to achieve amazing things with video.

A new look

Our logo has been unchanged since we started up in 2011.

So our new logo has been created in a spirit of evolution rather than revolution. We wanted to simplify and streamline the logo for a clean, modern look – while keeping it clearly recognisable.

“We didn’t want to reinvent the wheel with the new logo,” says Wyzowl founder Matt Byrom.

“We’ve kept the same colour palette, and the format is the same – the ‘owl head’ logo mark on the left, followed by our brand name.”

There’s an interesting nod to our ornithological spirit animal in the logo mark!

“We’ve always loved our ‘owl head’ logo mark, and – when we read online that owls can rotate their heads 270 degrees in either direction – we knew we had our starting point.”

“The logo mark is a 270 degree circle, with the ‘eyes’ resembling an inverted play button – which obviously references our products.”

We haven’t just upgraded the logo; we’ve also completely overhauled our website to reflect our new focus and direction.

We wanted to build a website that would inspire visitors, giving them ideas to take away and try. In order to do this, we knew that the website had to be clear, bold and modern. We’ve utilised loads of white space, and backed up our key points with vibrant, colourful illustrations.

We’ve also put animation at the heart of each page. We are, of course, an animation studio, and we’ve harnessed the power of movement to reinforce our key messages. You’ll see animated graphics on basically all our pages, bringing our story to life, adding colour and personality.

Any word nerds out there will also notice that we’ve shifted to sentence case rather than title case – a simple, stylistic decision designed for clear, bold, readable copy.

Attract, explain, support

At the heart of our new direction is this idea of three clear goals for businesses to achieve.

Over the years, we’ve done a huge amount of research into the various models people have proposed for the ideal audience journey.

We felt that a lot of them were quite bloated and complicated with too many unnecessary steps.

We’ve rallied against this idea, and condensed the whole thing down to 3 stages. We believe that if you attract, explain and support effectively, you can achieve amazing things, whatever your goals may be.

ATTRACT is about reaching out and engaging your audience away from your own online channels. It could be a video ad, a video that plays at your exhibition stand, or a shareable piece of content your audience will forward to their friends through social media. But in any case, it’s about grabbing people who aren’t aware of what you’re offering, and encouraging them to visit you to find out more.

EXPLAIN is about giving people the essential information when they arrive on your website or other online properties. It’s the process of explaining products, services or ideas and generating enough knowledge and trust for the audience to take the ‘next step’ – whether that’s to buy, download or simply sign up for further information and discussion.

SUPPORT is about giving your prospects, customers and team ongoing support and help. It might be content designed to nurture leads into customers. Or, once they’ve taken the plunge, it could be onboarding content to get them up and running, training or knowledge resources that they can use on an ongoing basis or tutorials to help your customers use a product or software tool to its full effect.

Of course, video can be a fundamental tool to help you achieve each one of these…and the new website is therefore heavily structured around these three goals.

A range of new products

We’re excited to announce that, as part of our rebrand, we’ll also be launching a range of new products and services.

We’ll still be offering our ‘tried-and-tested’ products – animated videos, interactive videos and demo videos. (Although there are 2 new types of demo video you might be interested to find out more about…)

But there’s more. Now, for the first time ever, we will be offering live action video. This will mainly be used for testimonial videos. The idea is that we can send a film crew to record some video of your happiest customers – and then thread that footage together into beautiful, eye-catching and effective testimonial videos that convince and convert your audience.

We’re also rolling out animated graphics and microinteractions. As you can see on our new website, these create a pretty amazing user experience. Whatever your niche or industry, using movement like this can be a fantastic way to differentiate from your competitors and stand out in your audiences’ memory.

What next?

So, that’s the nuts and bolts of our rebrand – a new look, and a new direction for our business.

The only thing left to do is to thank everyone who’s played a part in the journey of our brand so far, including our amazing customers, to whom we owe everything!

We invite you to take a look around the new website, give us your thoughts on the new look, and get inspired about some of the ways we can help you ‘win’ with video! When you’re ready to try them out – you know where we are.

Until then, here’s to the next eight years. And many more!