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There are many reasons why clients come to Wyzowl for video content; it would be impossible to list them all here. If you can’t visualise the potential benefits of having a video custom-made for your company, have a look at our top ten reasons why video makes a huge difference to turnover and brand awareness.

This list represents a quick run-down of a few great things you can do with web video: we’re sure you can think of many more.

1. Demonstrate your product

There’s one problem with ecommerce stores: the products you’re selling are only as good as their picture, at least as far as the buyer is concerned. Even on a site like eBay, it’s very obvious that a good photo can result in a higher selling price. Ecommerce stores are really no different.

With a video, your customer can see the product in detail, from every angle. Videos give a product scale and perspective too. And if you can demonstrate the product working well, that’s a really big plus for buyers. In fact, people who watch videos are 85% more likely to buy, according to Internet Retailer.

2. Introduce your service

You might think you have a swish website, but are your visitors actually reading it? Too many words and you’ll confuse them: too little and they won’t know what you do.

A video can help to guide potential buyers through your service catalogue, giving them an alternative to reading your entire site to figure out what you do. In a couple of minutes, you can advertise your entire product range. That’s pretty useful. And it works: a video like this can help increase conversions by a massive 85%. That’s a percentile most SEO consultants would die for.

3. Walk through your features

Not only does a walk-through help to advertise your product, it helps to increase the number of satisfied customers you have. By showing them the product upfront, you can push the things that make your product unique while managing the expectations of the people who are about to buy it. (Your customer service team will thank you for that.)

When you advertise the pros, your customers are much more likely to be excited about the purchase – and when they do buy, they’ll be much more likely to recommend your product to other people. PC retailer Dell found that video content reduced support calls by 5%, according to The Australian.

4. Go viral

Shares and likes for videos are effectively recommendations, and that’s gold dust for any business. Social media makes it easier than ever to trigger waves of shares – providing your content is good enough to begin with.

The term ‘viral’ is a little passé nowadays, but the promotional impact of viral sharing can’t be underestimated. A video that goes viral will expose your brand name to hundreds or even thousands of fresh eyes, and because sharing is so personal, it’s very effective.

5. Appear in video search results

Customers who are looking for videos are often exposed to far less marketing. That’s because many businesses haven’t yet capitalised on keywords for video searches.

If you can provide content for highly popular keywords, you’ll automatically have the edge for video searching. That’s a golden opportunity, and it can give you the edge over much larger businesses who are dominating regular search results.

6. Catch the eye on social media

People who are browsing sites like Facebook and Twitter are very receptive to video content. They tend to be in the right frame of mind to watch short movies. Not only that, but if you post a video on a site like Facebook, it takes up much more space on users’ timelines, attracting the eye and inviting idle clicks.

Social media is also great for triggering viral marketing (see number 4).

7. Improve SEO

Search engine optimisation is an essential technique that helps to drive traffic to your website, and videos enhance ‘traditional’ SEO at no ongoing cost. When someone searches for a keyword you’re working on, it will trigger your video to appear in Google search results, and those videos really catch the eye.

Video results offer added value to the customer and help to raise brand awareness. Not only that, but video results appear in around 70% of Google’s top 100 search listings, according to MarketingWeek. And Forrester report showed that video increases the chance of hitting the first page 53 times over.

8. Increase conversions

When it comes to converting those idle searchers into buyers, video content is a great tool. A study from Internet Retailer supports this. On one site, they found that shoppers were 144% more likely to add an item to their cart if they watched a video about it. Similarly, found that online sales conversions increased by 44% when they added video content. (They then set about adding as many videos to the site as they could).

As if you needed more evidence of success, the L2 Speciality Retail Report from September 2010 reported an increase in conversions of 30%.

9. Hold visitor attention

Have you checked your bounce rate lately? You might be in for a shock. Most visitors leave a website within 10 seconds of arriving, leaving you a very limited window in which to catch their attention. Living Direct, a homeware store, found that video content increased the amount of time people stayed on the site by 9%. ReelSEO reported that online store Zappos increased sales by 6-30% just by adding video content.

It’s not just teens that watch videos either: according to Forbes Insight, 59% of senior executives would rather watch a video than read text content on a website if both are available on the same page.

10. Give your brand authority

Think about your competitors. Why don’t they have video content? They probably don’t realise what a good investment it is. That means video content is particularly effective when your competitors don’t use it: it can put you head and shoulders above everyone else.

You may think a jewellery store is an unlikely host for video content, but think again: 20% of men said video was a significant factor in their purchase decision when looking at jewellery and watches, according to the Ad-ology Media Influence on Choice survey in 2008. If you’re operating in a sector where video marketing would be seen as unusual, that’s a perfect reason to go ahead and make the investment.

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