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How to improve SEO with video

Search engine optimisation isn’t just about keywords, although that’s a big piece of the puzzle. Effective SEO is about improving your prominence in search results via a range of different methods.

A video presentation can really help to give your company the edge, particularly if the competition within your industry is fierce, and using a video to improve SEO is a good way to broaden your approach.

As with all aspects of SEO, it’s a highly specialised topic, but there are some commonly understood benefits from having video content on your site. Here are just a few.

Improving prominence in search positions

When a user searches for something, any result which features a video will show a thumbnail of the video on the search results page. Even if the user isn’t necessarily looking for a video, this can really help to draw the eye to that search result. Even if you’re not hitting the number one spot for the keywords you’ve chosen, a video can act like a marker to draw attention to a link half-way down the page.

Google are also said to be giving video search results more prominence, simply because users find them more useful. Research from Forrester last month reported that a video can increase the likelihood of a page 1 Google search listing by 53%. That’s certainly not a figure you should ignore.

Your mileage may vary, of course, but many companies have reported a massive boost in their page ranking simply from adding useful video content to their site. For best results, ensure you create a video site map to give Google plenty of metadata about your videos; this will help them to be indexed correctly.

Improving conversion rates

Visitors like to watch video for various reasons: they might be too busy to read, they may be dyslexic or they may struggle for other reasons, such as a language barrier. Providing video content alongside text is a good way to ensure you cover all bases, and it can complement information you’ve provided as text.

There is a certain investment involved in making a video, and not all companies choose to make that investment, but the ones that do will instil trust in their brand because they’re showing off their products upfront. A video with a human voice over instantly makes a visitor connect with you, and when they connect, you’re more likely to convert them into customers.

Improving your social media presence

Google counts social media influence among its many scoring factors for SEO. If your content is shared and re-shared on Facebook or Twitter, it’ll really help to give your web search ranking a boost as well. Video content is ideal for social media as it’s informative and easy for people to pass on.

In the same way as videos dominate Google’s search results, video content also dominates users’ Facebook timelines, drawing the eye. Having this kind of video is really great on social media because it promotes authority and gets people talking about your brand.