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How to Improve Customer Engagement With Video

There are two elements of customer engagement, at least when we’re referring to a website or ecommerce store. You want your customers to engage with each other, and you want them to engage with you (or your company, depending on how you run your business). Encouraging customer engagement is tricky, but there are tried and tested ways to encourage it nonetheless.

As the internet evolved from static HTML pages to more dynamic websites, companies began to invite customer comments on forums and message boards: this eventually evolved into what we now know as social media. As internet connection speeds improved, multimedia content evolved to attract customer attention and encourage interaction, play and sharing. Video is just one part of the puzzle, but it’s undoubtedly hugely important.

Here are some ways you can use your video to engage customers.

Product demo videos and walk throughs

Nothing pleases a busy (or technophobic) user more than an a tutorial video, or a walk through of a product’s features. Demonstrating a product in a video can add considerable value, particularly for people who don’t enjoy reading long web pages.

Posting a video about your product on YouTube is a really good way to spread the word: not only do you expose your product to a potentially huge audience, but you give people a ready-made, sharable format that’s given prominence in Google search results.

Prompting engagement on Social networking

Social media is a massive driver for customer engagement. By definition, it’s a collaborative platform: people share content, comment on links, recommend videos and so on. Although social media is always a two-way street, you can help people to feel positive about your company by giving them content they enjoy.

Video is always very popular on social media, and it can drive engagement for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it takes up a lot of space on the screen – more than a text link or a picture – so it’s inherently eye-catching. Two, it can allow you to demonstrate your product or service, or give your brand image a boost, in a highly appealing and interesting format. Finally, video can be used to enhance the products and services you’re offering by giving people a little background information about what you do. If a customer is spending money, they like to know what they’re spending it on.

Enhancing your ecommerce site

A great description is all well and good, and so is a fantastic high-resolution image, but nothing beats a video. Companies have seen such marked improvements from using ecommerce videos on their sites, they’ve gone on to add video to all their product pages. You only have to browse Amazon for a couple of minutes before you stumble across a marketing video, and clothes websites like ASOS use video to show how their clothing looks from all angles. In the same way that ads work on TV, viewers are naturally attracted to video content, and it’s very effective as a marketing tool and a way to encourage engagement and sales.