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We Create Awesome Videos For The Healthcare Industry

When it comes to health, people are continuously bombarded with written content, such as leaflets and books. A video can really set your message apart and appeal to the masses.
A few of our healthcare clients include:

Healthcare Video Examples

See a few examples of videos we’ve created for the healthcare industry below:

What Is A Healthcare Video?

A healthcare video is focused on telling your professional story, establishing your medical expertise, and creating trust. A healthcare explainer video is a versatile asset that can be used across the board in your medical marketing, trade shows, training, patient onboarding, and even in the waiting room.

Once you own your video, you can put it to work in so many ways. Yet, it never takes resources from your staff. You don’t have to plan for someone to manage your ads or pay for ongoing consulting.

Video isn’t just versatile and efficient, it’s also highly effective for medical professionals and companies. More than 76% of businesses using video in 2017 reported that it helped them increase sales.

I had a very positive experience working with Wyzowl and think they did an excellent job on my videos. They created four motion graphic videos as part of a series and I was happy with each one of them. They also were quick to respond and fix any mistakes. I would definitely work with Wyzowl again and highly recommend them.
Amanda Cohen – Eat Right

Benefits of a Healthcare Video

Working in the healthcare industry, you’re used to benefitting your customers by helping them to improve their health. By making a video, you can earn some of your own benefits in return.

1. Shareable

Shareable From your website to social media, email and at events, video is a truly sharable medium. This is particularly helpful when it comes to health issues as symptoms and cures can be shared to benefit a large number of people.

2. Always Available

24 Hour Availability Even when you’re not working and there isn’t a physical person to help video can support your audience. Video is the perfect way to communicate your message clearly and effectively so that people can self support.

3. Professional

Look Professional Having clear forms of communication increases the professional output of your business. The more you can support your audience the stronger their connection will be with your business.

4. It's quick!

It's quick! Everybody wants to know about health benefits, but not everybody wants to read about them. People looking for help don’t always have a lot of time on their hands – that’s where video comes in.

5. Straight to the point

Straight to the point When discussing health issues, consumers doesn’t want mixed messages. They want the information to be clear and concise. Video is the perfect medium for this.

6. Tell Your Story

Tell Your Story Health conditions and treatments often have a strong story attached. Video enables you to tell your story clearly and with passion. This will help people understand what your product or service can do to help them.

How To Use A Healthcare Video

Patient Onboarding

Patient onboarding is all about repeating the exact process over and over again. Highly repetitive for the person doing the onboarding, it’s not always much more fun for the patient being onboarded. Handing a patient a stack of documents to read usually leads to them skimming or skipping the whole thing entirely. They miss steps and don’t understand the process. That leads to more questions for you, unless you create a better process.

Video patient onboarding gives you a 100% consistent presentation for patients, and it’s repeatable 24/7. It’s also a terrific time saver for you and your staff. According to data, 47% of businesses who use video say that it’s helped them to reduce questions and the amount of support they have to give.

Imagine not having to spend so much time on the onboarding process for patients, and all the questions that follow? That’s time you could spend caring for patients.

New Product Launch

Launching new medical products means educating people. Teaching people about something new can be time-consuming, frustrating, and expensive. That’s even more true of complex medical devices and products that may be technically difficult to explain without visual aids.

So, let your healthcare explainer video do the heavy lifting for you. By creating a video about your new healthcare product, you’ll have an easier way to explain to people what you do. Data shows that 81% of people were convinced to buy a product or service after watching a company’s video.

Your prospects can find out what your product is and whether it’s something they need — just by watching an engaging animated explainer video. By the time they finish watching, they’re informed and ready to move to the next stage of the buying process in record time! That means a faster sales process.

Trade Show

Have you ever tried to capture the attention of attendees at a trade show? You’re either yelling because the ambient noise of the crowd is so loud, or you feel like a door-to-door salesperson approaching random people. It’s not easy, but how else can you get your message across and bring people to your practice or business? Video can make a huge difference in your trade shows. Some 80% of people learn better through visual information.

By setting up your healthcare explainer video in the booth, you can have your friendly automated salesperson telling your story — all day long! Perhaps the best part about using video is that it creates a no-pressure zone for people to learn about your product. They don’t have to worry about sales tactics, and you can spend more time with qualified prospects.

eLearning & Training

Video elearning and training has a number of benefits — both for the learner and the organisation teaching them. A number of global companies have reported dramatically positive results by switching to elearning in the last few years. Fortune 500 companies like Dow Chemical, Caterpillar, and IBM have all started moving toward video elearning and training. IBM reported savings of more than $579 million dollars from their video training program — just in the first two years.

In addition to savings on travel costs from classroom training, there’s evidence to suggest people enjoy the autonomy of learning at their own pace. It’s easier on their schedule, doesn’t mean leaving work for extended periods of time, and they’re able to go back to parts that were particularly difficult, or just especially interesting.

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