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We Create Awesome Videos For The Finance Industry

Financials can be complicated! We break down the complex into a simple story that gets your message across in the perfect way.

Finance Video Examples

See a few examples of videos we’ve created for the finance industry below:


What Is A Finance Video?

A finance video is a 1-2 minute video that concisely explains your offering by showing people how you can solve their problem and why you’re the best one for the job.

Not sure finances and business explainer videos are a fit? Here’s why financial services and products and video were made for each other. Financial products are serious business, but that doesn’t mean people want to be bored to tears learning about you. A credible video presentation can be both informative and engaging.

Video also helps people past the more complicated aspects of a financial service or product and speeds their path to understanding. Our research shows that 81% of people have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video.

We’ve been working together on videos for our App Store listings, and everyone we’ve worked with has been courteous, professional, helpful, prompt and, last but not least, patient throughout the process. They turn out quality deliverables and always strive to make sure you’re a happy customer.
Sean Lindo – Sr. Product Marketing & Comms – Invoice2Go


Benefits of a Finance Video

A Wyzowl video will help tell your story in the perfect way, every time. Here are some of the other benefits:

1. Educate Your Customers

Educate Your Customers Video is a great way to educate existing and potential customers, offering a potent combination of different learning styles. It’s bright, colourful, easy-to-follow and highly engaging, which all adds up to an immersive, dynamic learning experience that helps your customers pick up and hold onto important information.

2. Easy To Understand

Easy To Understand When it comes to distilling complex financial matters and ideas into bitesize, easily digestible content pieces – video is a great choice. You can break down big issues and pick out the most important bits – wrapping it up in a clear, concise narrative which allows the viewer to process the message at the ideal pace, in the ideal order.

3. Capture Attention At Events

Capture Attention At Events Events and exhibitions are great, but it can be tough to stand out, particularly when every stand looks and feels the same. A colourful, vibrant video can be a great way to capture attention and drive footfall. Passing attendees know they can watch your video and get the essence of what you’re all about – optimising the quality of your conversations.

4. Perfect For Social Media

Perfect For Social Media Video is widely accepted as one of the most poular content formats for social media. And yet, despite this, surprisingly few brands actually use it. Research from Locowise found that 47% of Facebook pages don’t upload videos, and 33% of those who do have only uploaded 1 video. This is an opportunity – beat the crowd, and tap into the power of social video!

5. Simplifies Complicated Information

Simplifies Complicated Information We live in the era of plain English. Audiences, both B2B and B2C, are increasingly turned off by technical jargon and difficult-to-understand concepts. In the financial industry, brands can benefit greatly from simplifying complicated information into easily understandable formats. Video is a great way to do this!

6. Drive Conversions

Drive Conversions In our experience, the more information you can give your audience – and the better they understand your value proposition – the more likely they are to take the next step and convert. Video is a great way to impart the information and understanding required to encourage them to build meaningful relationships with your brand!

How To Use A Finance Video

Lead Pages

A lead page or landing page is designed to convert audiences who have responded to a specific advertising message or channel. If your lead page isn’t converting, then all that money and effort spent on advertising will be wasted. Even with lead pages that are converting successfully, there may be ways to raise conversion levels even higher with video.

How does a business explainer video help increase conversions on a lead page or landing page? Human beings are hard-wired for story. When you give people a compelling story, it naturally hooks people in. Video is the most powerful form of storytelling, and a great way to reel in prospects on a lead page. Video also works better because you’re giving people what they want. Our research shows that the average person watches more than an hour and a half of videos online every day.

Video is so in-demand with audiences, it may make sense to test gating your video content. That way, a prospect must provide their email in order to watch the video. Simply adding the video to the lead page to introduce prospects to your financial service or product also works. To maximise conversions, try cutting back on the text, and emphasising the action to take after watching your explainer video.

Email Campaigns

Email is a treasured channel for most marketers, many even call it their most valuable channel. With email, companies get a direct line to leads and customers. It works to help move customers through many stages of the sales funnel. Email can help convert prospects into buyers, and to better retain current customers.

Video can help you boost results in almost any kind of email campaign. Need help with your open rates? Include the word “video” in your email subject line. Research shows that you’ll drive open rates up by an average of 19% just by using the word “video.”

Try including your video in an email campaign and asking people to share your video with friends. According to our study, 76% of people said they’d share a branded video with friends if it was entertaining.

Email is a versatile tool, and the number of ways you can use video in emails is equally rich. So, here’s one more way… If you want to boost your overall email effectiveness, be sure to include a link to your business explainer video in your email signature. That way, your video will help you make a great first impression when you meet new people.

Trade Shows & Events

Breaking through at events is always a challenge, you’re surrounded by other financial services companies competing for the attention of prospects. Video can make that part of trade shows easier by capturing attention of passersby with its dynamic blend of sight and sound.

Here’s how, set up your video in a place near the front of your booth or somewhere that makes it clearly visible. Then give your fellow attendees plenty of room to enjoy watching. It’s important to create a low-pressure zone where people feel free to watch and learn on their own, and not to feel like they’re in danger of being pounced on by a salesperson. Just let the video do its job. Then when customers know what you’re about after watching your video, they’ll be ready to approach you.

More than 85% of people expressed a desire to see more video in 2018 from companies. It’s what people want, and it sure beats giving your opening elevator speech 100 times in a row at an event!


The purpose of an advertising campaign is to increase sales. If there’s one key to creating great advertisements that increase sales, it’s knowing that people buy based on their emotions. Not reason. It’s not enough to simply list features on your ads, or even benefits. Your job as an advertiser is to hit on the emotions that motivate people to buy in your adverts.

An animated explainer video can help you get to the emotional core of what motivates buyers to act more quickly and effectively than other forms of content. A great video can put them into the picture and help them flip the switch to take action. Our research shows that 81% of consumers have been convinced to buy a product or service after watching a video.

Video is the most effective way to convey feeling, there’s no other format that’s so richly powerful and evocative. Try adding your explainer video to your ads or to the landing pages for your online ads, and you’ll be more likely to win hearts and minds.

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