Got a question? Check out some of our frequently asked questions below first

  • 1. What is the difference between the Website / Mobile and the Animated Packages?
    Our Website & Mobile videos are in a screencast style that uses your website or mobile app as the graphics. The Website & Mobile Package is great for showing people how your website or app works, a general overview or explaining a specific feature. The Animated video Package uses custom made graphics and animation to tell your story. The video may use your website or mobile app but will also use custom graphics and animation. As a guide, if you want to demo your website or mobile app the Website or Mobile package will be perfect for you. If you have a story to tell and need additional graphics, animation or characters then the Animated Package is for you.

    2. How much does an Animated video cost?
    We price our animated videos by time. This is the easies way for us to offer you a fixed price. We have a fixed price for the first minute and then each additional 30 seconds. For for info please see our pricing page here or click here to tell us a bit about your requirements. We know you are after a quick response so we will come back to you within 1 business day.

    3. How long does it take from order to completed video?
    If you order a Website or Mobile Package we aim to have your script written within 3 days and your video with you a week after we receive final sign off on the script. In practice, this usually takes 2 weeks. Animated videos can vary depending on complexity, length and the amount of graphics and animation that is required. As a guide an animated video will usually take 4-6 weeks from brief to completion. We will always agree timescales up front.

    4. What happens if I'm not happy with the video?
    We try to get your agreement and sign off at each stage of the video to make sure we are always on the same page. This helps reduce surprises at the end of the video production. We offer unlimited revisions to the script before we start producing the video. We then offer unlimited revisions to the video until you are 100% happy with it. This is all within the package price. Any additional graphics or voice over changes outside the agreed script, will be chargeable.

    5. Do you offer discounts?
    We have priced our videos at a very fair rate. This is a rate that we feel gives our customers great value for money whilst allowing us to keep the quality of the videos high. For this reason we do not offer discounts on our video packages.

    6. Will you animate a logo for my Website or Mobile video?
    Yes. An animated logo is a great way to start off a video. It gives an instant high quality feel. We offer very fair rates to animate your logo and once created you can use it on all your videos for no extra charge. For more information on this and to get a price, click here to contact us.

    7. What voice over options do you offer?
    We offer Male or Female and English or American. If you would like to hear samples of our voice over artists before you go ahead with a video, please contact us.

    8. Do you translate videos?
    We do not promote this as a service, however we have translated videos for customers in the past. Please contact us with your requirements.