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We Create Awesome Animated Ecommerce Videos

Whether it’s a product video or an explainer video, we create ecommerce videos that educate, inform and support your customers. 

Ecommerce Video Examples

See a few examples of ecommerce videos we’ve created below:


What Is An Ecommerce Video?

An ecommerce video is a 1-2 minute video that shows customers the value of your product or service by telling them an engaging story about how the product works. Video gives people a fun, snappy way to learn about your ecommerce offering they can actually enjoy. Unlike dry explanations and long expanses of text, an animated explainer video both entertains and informs.

But the real magic of business explainer videos happens after the video is over. By the time your audience has finished watching, they’re far more likely to understand your product and be on the path to purchase. In our survey, more than 97% of marketers reported video helping to increase user understanding of their product or service.

Truly exceptional service and follow through. To cut to the chase, we had a fantastic experience with Wyzowl and absolutely recommend them.
Justin McCullough – Director Commerce – Capital One


Benefits of an Ecommerce Video

Ultimatly using video in your ecommerce store will help you sell more. Here are a few of the other benefits:

1. Boost Sales

Boost Sales Video can help win the confidence of potential customers by showing off your product and its benefits. Whether you’re telling stories that illustrate the difference your products will make in the world, or just straightforward product demos, you can paint a picture that wows and impresses your customers, optimising your chances of converting them.

2. Reduce Customer Drop Off

Reduce Customer Drop Off For much the same reasons as above, video is a great way to reduce customer dropoff. In eCommerce, confidence is everything. You need your customers to trust the product and feel happy paying for something they can’t touch or hold. Video helps your customers get a nuanced understanding of the product – reducing dropoff rates.

3. Showcase Product Benefits

Showcase Product Benefits 49% of online shoppers say not being able to physically touch a product is one of their least favourite parts of shopping online. Video helps you mitigate this – it’s the perfect outlet to demonstrate and show off your product, highlighting its many benefits, and helping win the trust of your potential customers.

4. Thank Your Customers

Thank Your Customers The uses of videos go far beyond simply converting and closing your customers. You can use it for all sorts of reasons – like taking the time to say ‘thank you’ to those who buy from you. Research suggests 81% of companies who deliver an excellent customer experience outperform their competition – showing appreciation is so simple, but so powerful.

5. Instructional Videos

Instructional Videos By creating instructional videos to help your customers use your products effectively, you can give them the tools and information they need to get the best possible experience from the products they buy from you. This helps increase satisfaction and positive reviews, improving overall experience while reducing returns and complaints.

6. Reduce Support Calls

Reduce Support Calls Another welcome effect of using video content is that it can help your customers solve their own problems and answer their own questions around how your products work. This gives them the power to head online and solve their own problems rather than relying on your customer support staff – removing friction for the customer and cutting costs for you!

How To Use An Ecommerce Video

On Product Pages

Is there something amazing about your product or service that audiences don’t seem to get at first? Did you just launch an amazing new feature? Or maybe you get the same questions about your product… over and over again. Banish common questions about your products and services, and give prospects a crystal clear understanding of why they should buy from you. An inspiring ecommerce explainer video helps people understand the key differences between your product and your competitors’ products. Video puts your unique product advantages into sharp relief.

By showing people a relatable story they can see themselves in, an explainer video helps consumers quickly understand why they need a product. Our research shows that 97% of marketers credit video with helping them increase understanding about their product or service with consumers. People must understand what you can do for them before they’re willing to buy, and video can do just that.

In Emails

Many ecommerce marketers view email as their most valuable channel. While social media isn’t a channel a business can ever really own, your email list is 100% owned. It’s an inexpensive and direct form of communication with your ecommerce customers, and it can be made even better with one teensy addition… that’s right, with video! Video is such an effective addition to email that just using the word “video” in your subject line can skyrocket your email open rates by 19%, according to one study.

Why does just the mention of video send people running to open their emails? Because people love watching video, and they tend to prefer video over text when given the choice between both. Our research shows that 72% of people prefer video to learn about a product. The combination of storytelling, sight and sound makes video more powerful than any one form of communication by itself.

Product Launches

Product launches present a number of unique challenges. One of the keys to successfully launching a new ecommerce product is getting people to take the time online to learn about it. Unless someone knows and understands the benefits of a product, it’s pretty hard to imagine them buying it. Capturing the consumer’s attention is critical to getting them interested enough to buy your product. But that’s tougher than ever with so many forces competing for the attention of online shoppers at any given moment in the day.

Video can save the day with your next launch by giving people a fun, engaging way to learn about your new product. Research shows people find video pretty persuasive too. In our study, 81% of people reported that they’d been convinced to buy something after watching a company’s video. By creating a business video that explains your product, you’ll be able to educate, inform and persuade audiences in record numbers.

Social Media

If there’s one thing about social media happening right now that every marketer must know about, it’s the explosion of video. In just one year from 2016 to 2017, views of branded videos skyrocketed 99% on YouTube and 258% on Facebook.

Video isn’t just fun to watch on social media sites; it’s perfect for sharing with friends. When you look at the research, video content is blowing other forms of content away on social networks. On Twitter, a video tweet is likely to be retweeted six times more often than a plain old photo tweet.

So, make your video count on social media, and don’t let it become a one-and-done post. Here’s how to do it. Pin your ecommerce explainer video to your social media profile. Both Twitter and Facebook allow you to pin a video to the top of your profile page. Then visitors to your social streams will get a video introduction to you, which is so much more tweet-worthy than a plain old profile image.

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