We Create Data Visualisation Videos
To Visually Communicate Your Results

Nothing persuades people more than facts and figures, apart from facts and figures that are visually appealing of course! We call these videos videographics.

We’ve created data visualisation videos for some amazing brands including:

Data Visualisation Video Examples

These are just a few of the videos we’ve created. We have plenty more to show you, so get in touch if you can’t see a video in your industry!


I really enjoyed working with Wyzowl on our series of videos. From the quoting/proposal process to the finished product, the experience with Wyzowl was great!

Lynsay Williams – Oxford University Press

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Whether you’re just starting to look at video marketing, looking for some help and advice or know what you want, we can help. Our team of experts are happy to chat with no obligation to buy. We can give you tips on direction, style, length, script, graphics, animation, voiceover, music and promotion. We’ve been there and done it more than most – so let us help you.

Benefits of a Data Visualisation Video

Conducting a study and collecting data is great, so make sure your findings receive the beautiful visualisation they deserve. Here are some benefits to convince you…

1. Visuals are Digested Quicker

Visuals are Digested Quicker The human brain can digest visuals much quicker than written information, 60,000 times quicker in fact. By visualising your data through video you’re ensuring that people process your message as fast as possible.

2. Visuals are Memorable

Visuals are Memorable As well as being digested more quickly, visuals are also more memorable. 90% of information sent to the brain is visual, therefore we find images easier to recall and remember.

3. It Creates a Discussion

It Creates a Discussion By presenting your key findings in an engaging and visual way, you encourage a discussion among people who have watched the video. It can even encourage them to share the video, resulting in a further reach for your data.

4. Stand Out

Stand Out Videos are one of the most popular forms of content and will help you to stand out from the crowd!

5. Increase Shareability

Increase Shareability People are far more likely to share an engaging video than they are a text document, even if they include the exact same facts and figures!

6. Communicate Your Findings

Communicate Your Findings With animation, you can tell a story with your data. Completing independent research and finding out new things is something to be proud of, so you should display it as a beautiful piece of content that you can be equally proud of.

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Our Simple Process


Once we fully understand your business and your requirements we’ll write the script for your video.


We create all the graphics from scratch to match your style requirements and brand guidelines.

Voiceover & Music

Male, Female, English, American and many other languages. You have the choice of voiceover and music for your video.


We’ll animate the graphics to give life to the video. It’s important to make sure the video flows perfectly at this stage.

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