We all know that a slick, professional online presence can lead to enormous benefits for businesses. You’re probably already spending time on your social media presence…but your own website? The whole concept can seem overwhelming and complicated.

It’s unlikely that you have web design skills in house, and outsourcing can be costly, time-consuming and distracting from the overall goals of your business. And once it’s built, you have to worry about keeping it up-to-date with all the latest news and information about your company – this takes time…time you don’t always have.

If this situation sounds familiar, you might be interested to check out Zitecraft.com. By automatically pulling together content from your various social channels, Zitecraft builds you a beautiful, tailor made ‘WebZite’ which automatically updates when you post on social. Check out the video we made with the team at Zitecraft below…

It was great to catch up with Barend Jungerius, the founder of Zitecraft, to talk all about his company and how he found the Wyzowl experience!

Q1. Can you start by telling us a little bit about Zitecraft and your story so far?
For 10 years now I’m running a website about the nightlife in Amsterdam: http://citynumbers.com. Here I learned a lot about web design and search engine optimization (SEO). Later on I started incorperating information from Yelp, Foursquare and Twitter to give a more social and complete view of the venues listed.

When I visit a restaurant’s website I often see, let’s say, no more than 30 pictures. When I go to their Facebook page I see 500+. Why? Because it’s still too complicated and time consuming for small business owners to keep their website up-to-date. Instead they should have a website that automaticly shows their social media content.

Basicly things came together last year and Zitecraft.com was born. I did not have to think long before I came up with our motto: “Life is too nice to post things twice!”

Q2. Web design and all it’s accompanying nuts and bolts can seem intimidating to local businesses. How does Zitecraft make it all easier?

True! Even though there are many great Content Management Systems out there it is still “rocket science” for a lot of small business owners. Besides making sure their website looks great and is easy to navigate they now also have to worry about responsive design SEO and Social Media!

With Zitecraft they can set-up a webzite in only a minute that is:
– filled with content from their social media channels
– always up-to-date
– optimized for Google and other search engines
– fully responsive to look great on any computer, tablet and smartphone!

Via our super simple CMS they can add custom pages for any kind of content, for example:
– menus
– a story about the team
– vacancies

Of course it is also possible to add any kind of external widget, for stuff like a reservation page or even a webshop!

We realize the look & feel of a website is at least as important as good and up-to-date content. Therefore our clients can change the color scheme, choose a font type and add a cool background picture.

The front page can be customized even more via a photo carousel. Pictures posted to Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest with the hashtag #zitecraft will automaticly be shown in the carousel!

Q3. What does a business need in order to create a Zite?
All they needs is a Facebook page where people can check-in. This is what is refered to on Facebook as a “Place”.

When a business is also active on Twitter, Foursquare and Yelp this helps a lot because the webzite will be more fun and valuable!

Q4. What made you decide you needed a video?
Most people don’t like to read lots of text. They like pictures or even better: video!

I decide quite early that I needed a promo video. The video needed to make clear in one minute what Zitecraft does and why businesses should try it. Besides this the video will be the main piece of content for Zitecraft’s marketing efforts including pitches.

Q5. How was your experience working with Wyzowl – did anything surprise you?
I can recommend Wyzowl to anyone who needs an animated video. In fact I already did while my video was not even finished yet because I like the clear proces and communication towards the client.

Q6. What kind of impact has the video made on your business?
Since my video went live I saw an clear increase of my conversion rate: more people tried Zitecraft by making a webzite of their (favourite) business.

Q7. What would you say to anyone considering adding video to their marketing strategy?
Do it!

Q8. Finally, you have 20 words: why should local business owners check out Zitecraft?
With Zitecraft they can save time & money AND get more customers to their business!

Many thanks to Barend and everyone at Zitecraft for their much valued custom – we look forward to seeing more of your success story over the coming weeks and months!