The internet is a central feature to our lives, whether at work or at home, and it’s near impossible to imagine a life without it! It allows us to communicate, explore, make purchases and consume content more quickly and conveniently than ever before. Unavoidably, it also presents a number of new safety risks and it’s crucial that we protect ourselves against them. From identity thieves to data hackers and snoopers, there are a number of threats to consider. That’s why it’s important to protect yourself – and our friends at PureVPN are committed to helping you do just that. You can check out our video about PureVPN at the bottom of this post! (Note: If you fancy taking advantage of all the great benefits of PureVPN for FREE, enter our Big Business Bundle – one of the prizes is a year’s free account!)

We caught up with the guys at PureVPN recently to ask them a few questions about their brand, their service and their video.

Wyzowl: Can you tell us a little bit about PureVPN and your story so far?
PureVPN: PureVPN was started by Hong Kong based GZ system Ltd in year 2007. Since then, PureVPN has extended its happy and satisfied customer base to 150+ countries. Right from the start, PureVPN’s mission has always revolved around online security, freedom, anonymity and privacy. There is not a shadow of doubt that PureVPN has stamped its name in the VPN industry due to its vibrant and self-managed vast gigabit network, 24×7 live technical support and cutting edge VPN technology.

W: How important is it for people to ensure they protect themselves when they go online?
P: There are no second-thoughts to the fact that the internet is no longer a safe place. Therefore, taking measures to protect oneself online is as important as it is to wear a helmet before riding a bike. Cybercrime is increasing day by day and people are getting victimized at every step, be it public WiFi, open network or any other channel. If we don’t take corrective actions, our internet data can be easily intercepted by hackers and data snoopers through different easily available software. The best option is to use a VPN to protect one’s privacy.

W: What made you decide a video would be a good addition to your brand?
P: According to many researchers and data analysts, visual content travels 60,000 times faster into the human mind than textual content. Moreover, 91% people understand the message more clearly when it is conveyed by visual content rather than textual content. It is therefore, we thought we should have killer explanatory video.

W: What sort of impact has the video had on your business? Have you noticed any increase in sales/conversions, or a reduction in support queries? Any nice comments from elsewhere?
P: We have received a quite remarkable feedback from the video ondifferent channels especially YouTube and Facebook. It has increased our referral leads and thus, sales and revenue. The video has been immensely admired due to easy to understand depiction of a highly technical knowledge “Why use a VPN”. We are in the process of further integrating the video with our website and product.


W: Could you sum up in 75 words or less, why people need to get PureVPN?
P: PureVPN is all about online security, privacy and accessibility. That is why it has maintained the tradition of continuous innovation and addition of new features to its services. PureVPN has more than 351+ servers in 27 countries across all 7 inhabitable continents. PureVPN’s cross-compatibility and 24×7 live support is world class! “PureVPN, a VPN service which is Pure in its promises”

W: Would you recommend Wyzowl to other companies?
P: Yes, definitely we will! You have done a great job with our video.

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