In the modern, increasingly competitive business world, growth is perhaps the ultimate challenge. The pressure to win deals, grow relationships and build winning game-plans has never been so intense. That’s why we were so excited to work on a video for the guys at ARPEDIO; their platform is all about breaking down the complicated, abstract world of ‘business success’ into clear, actionable and SUCCESSFUL business plans…check out their website here or read on for the story behind the brand!

Can you tell us a little bit about ARPEDIO and your story so far?
The company was founded by three passionate sales- and marketing executives. The two brothers Thomas Bülow and Jakob Soderberg (far left and far right on the above image!) and Ulrik Monberg (a former colleague to Thomas at P.A. Consulting Group).

All three founders have worked with sales their entire career. Picking up different sales methodologies and identifying a gap in the market in terms of sales tools oriented towards individuals, we decided to do something about it, back in November/December 2011. We spent a weekend in a summerhouse. Put brown paper on the walls and did a lot of brainstorming and business planning. The company was established and founded formally on February 1st 2012.

The client base counts large Software companies, Financial Services institutes and Consulting Businesses.

By nature, sales leads and business relationships are fairly unique. But your 4 step plan (Assess-Reflect-Plan-Execute) seems to work remarkably well in formulating clear action plans that work across multiple, diverse partners to improve results. Is that one of the most valuable parts of ARPEDIO?
It is definitely one of the most valuable parts of ARPEDIO. Using that methodology you are forced to identify A) where you are B) why you are, where you are C) plan what to do in order to move, and D) finally execute those actions that will take you from A to B.

This methodology is also the background for the name ARPEDIO. The first four letters in ARPEDIO comes from Assess, Reflect, Plan & Execute. DIO is often referred to as a God or supernatural person, however in our case we refer to DIO as a person who is in control of the situation.

We were really impressed by ARPEDIO Account Management’s potential to maximise the value of existing business partnerships by managing those relationships. Do you think sometimes businesses are guilty of concentrating on focusing too much effort on generating new business instead of ensuring maximum value is achieved from existing partnerships?
Absolutely. There is a huge potential in selling more to existing customers. However we couldn’t find any tools that specifically addressed this issue.

Was there a particular reason you decided to use video as a tool to educate people about ARPEDIO?
It is always easier to describe the functionality of a tangible product, than an intangible piece of software. It is difficult to explain in short what the software does, and how it works. With the two-minute video we’ve come a long way, down the road of explaining what exactly ARPEDIO is and how it works.

What sort of impact has the video had? Are people able to better understand the product?
Indeed. We’ve had a lot of positive feedback from the video. Actually we were very impressed with the amount of information you are able to distribute within a two-minute window.

Did anything surprise you about your experience working with us?
The level of professionalism was a very kind surprise. We were in good hands from idea to finished video. The process and our communication during the production was very professional and creative. We’ve tried other suppliers and the level of professionalism we found with you was a nice surprise.

Perhaps not the easiest question to answer but, in 50 words or less, could you explain why anyone reading this should check out ARPEDIO?
Any business individual who works with selling should check ARPEDIO because it is the only tool on the market with the sole purpose of helping and empowering business individuals.

What would you say to somebody who was considering adding video to their suite of marketing tools but not quite sure?
Go go go!

I visit many (!) websites daily. When I’m searching for something specific and I land on a given website, I always choose the frontpage video (if it is shorter than two-minutes) to give me a quick explanation of what this company or product delivers.

Finally, how can people get hold of ARPEDIO for their business?
The easy way is through our website

We are currently expanding our channel base, and have channel partners in the US and in Europe – but we are constantly looking for more B2B sales passionates who can help us empower business individuals.