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We Create Corporate Videos To Promote Your Business

Corporate videos are designed to showcase your company’s identity, and promote your unique culture, history and values to potential customers, other businesses you work with, and new recruits.

Corporate Video Examples

This is a selection of the corporate videos we have created. We have plenty more so let us know if you’d like to see more.


What Is A Corporate Video?

A corporate video is a 1-2 minute video that shows who you are as a company, not just what you do. A beautifully animated corporate video gives you the power to start any relationship on the right foot by telling your story in an entertaining and informative way.

Every great corporation is more than just the product or service they sell; it’s a one-of-a-kind combination of people, mission and culture. With video, you’ll be able to establish trust and build relationships more quickly and deeply. People love video too! When given a choice between video and text on the same web page, 72% of people prefer video over text to learn about a new product or service.

And the benefits of video for your organization are far-reaching. Your corporate video can be used to boost the results of all your other marketing channels, from email and website to in-person events, social media and trade shows.

Truly exceptional service and follow through. To cut to the chase, we had a fantastic experience with Wyzowl and absolutely recommend them.

Justin McCullough – Director Commerce – Capital One


Why Use A Corporate Video?

Corporate video helps you get the perfect message across through a medium people love. Here are 6 reasons you need to get your own corporate video today:

1. Reinforce Brand Identity

Brand Identity When people know what you do and why you do it, they’ll understand and trust your brand more. Video reinforces your brand identity and values by showing people your mission, not just explaining what you sell.

2. Training

Training Training is expensive and it never stops. Whether it’s new hires or keeping your team up to date on the latest advances in your field, video is a cost-effective way to better manage training costs down and keep teams happier.

3. Recruit Ideal Candidates

Recruiting You can’t build a great team unless you have qualified candidates to choose from. Video can increase the number of applications you receive from new recruits and give you more qualified applicants to choose from.

4. Stand Out At Events

Events Ever been to a noisy event filled with competing companies vying for prospects using any means necessary? Of course you have! Video cuts through the noise and helps you stand out. Make it a key part of your next event to see the difference it can make with gathering new leads.

5. Educate Your Customers

Educate Customers When you want to educate consumers, there’s no other form of communication that conveys as much as video. Try it, and you’ll move customers through the funnel in record time.

6. Boost SEO Performance

SEOMore than 76% of marketers say that video has helped them increase traffic to their site. Video is great for increasing dwell time and bounce rate whilst improving time on site. All important SEO factors.

How To Use A Corporate Video

Company Promotion

Whether you’re hiring a new recruit for an open job or you’re taking a sales call with a client — there are huge benefits to making sure people understand your mission and respect your credentials from the get-go.

Video is the ultimate storyteller. There’s no other form of communication that conveys so much in such a short time. With the right business explainer video, you’ll be able to show that your organisation is made up of people, history, values, and a culture unlike any other. You’ll also be giving audiences the kind of content they want. Our research shows that 85% of people would like to see more video from companies.

A corporate video gives people a crystal clear picture of your organisation’s mission, values, and culture. The added bonus? You can get down to business even faster when people have a sense for who you are and what you stand for. That leads to more signing on the dotted line!


Whether you’re at a trade show or a professional event, the whole reason for being there is making sales. But that’s not always easy when you’re on a crowded expo floor surrounded by hungry competitors who also want to make the sale. You may be left with little choice but to resort to aggressive sales tactics that may turn your customers off as often as not. But it’s not easy to break through to people in such a hyper-competitive environment.

Video can give you an entirely fresh, new way to connect with prospects at an event that helps you break through to more prospects, and go home with more leads. Instead of working so hard to draw people in, set up your extraordinary corporate video to show people what you’re all about. Set up your booth or event space to give customers a comfortable, no-pressure viewing area where they can enjoy watching. Once visitors understand what you’re about from watching your video your job will be so much easier.

The chances are excellent that they’ll be interested after watching your beautifully animated video. Our research shows that 69% of consumers have been convinced to buy after watching a video.


If you deal with recruiting, you know the first step is explaining what your company does. Over and over again to every new recruit you meet. It’s an important part of the process. Job seekers need to know why they should join the company and become part of your team. But you don’t have to do it the same old boring way. Research shows you may get better results with video. One study showed that 87% of young executives expressed a preference for organisations that are video-savvy.

With a corporate explainer video, you can give new recruits a fun, engaging way to understand your organisation in as little as one to two minutes. Get them to invest in your mission and values by helping them understand what you’re all about in record time. The results could be astounding.

Research shows that job listings with videos got 36% more responses from applicants than those without a video attached. There are many ways to use video to enhance your recruitment process all the way through to new employee orientation. Best of all, this handy video doesn’t take a 30% cut of their first year’s salary.


Email is a uniquely valuable and versatile marketing channel. You can use email to do everything from taking the frost off cold leads to converting red-hot prospects. Many marketers even consider email to be their most valuable and efficient channel. But what if there was something simple you could do to make your email marketing efforts even more worthwhile? There’s one little word that can change everything for your email marketing: Video!

Video is so powerful that simply using the word “video” in your email marketing campaigns can send email open rates soaring by 19% over emails without the promise of “video” in their subject lines.

And the benefits of a corporate explainer video just keep coming. Video has been shown to have a dramatic effect on conversions. Research shows 81% of consumers reported being convinced to buy a product or service after watching a business’ video. Here’s one more way to make sure as many people as possible see your corporate explainer video: include it in your email signature. That way, you can show your video to every new prospect you meet — it’s a great way to make a first impression that counts.

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