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Digital content creation is Broken
We’re here to fix it!

It’s a big, bold claim – but after years in the industry, we truly believe this is the case.

There’s no doubting that content, when done right, can – and regularly does – achieve amazing things. But we know from painful experience that content often fails to deliver results – whether that’s views, traffic, leads etc. And for most people it’s unclear which content will work and which content will flop meaning you’re spending time creating content that often generates nothing in return.

Our strategy is different. We’ve developed a repeatable process for creating content that has a high chance of success and generates meaningful business results!

We’ve created successful marketing content for thousands of brands including:
We’re fixing digital content creation by answering three simple, but crucial, questions for every piece we create:
It’s impossible to create great content if you don’t understand who it’s for, and what they want to learn from it. We work hard to understand your audience – their objectives, challenges and motivations – and incorporate this knowledge into all our work moving forward.
We undertake extensive research to work out what types of content you need to create in order to achieve your goals and connect with your audience. This involves researching other content in your niche, so we can ensure every piece we create is the best and most authoritative on the topic.
Let’s be honest: too many brands create content without knowing why they’re doing it. We don’t come up with ‘ideas’ or ‘topics’ – we identify opportunities. This means every piece of content should have a clear, specific goal and a place within your customer journey.

Have you ever created content in this way?

You come up with a list of topics you think your audience may be interested in.

You create a plan, write the content, publish it and promote it online.

You hope it achieves “Something” – but never really see any return. After shedding a tiny tear, you put it down to experience and hope the next piece has better results.

Don’t worry if this sounds familiar. You’re definitely not on your own!

We call this “scattergun” content. And hey, you might enjoy the odd success this way. But you’ll never really understand why a piece was successful. You won’t be able to scale that success across your other work. You’ll just stay stuck in that loop – spending time and money and enjoying sporadic success, if you’re lucky.

The truth is, by creating content like this…


You can’t be sure if anyone is actually searching for keywords related to the topic you’re writing about. (Volume)


You don’t know what other content is currently ranking for those keywords. (Competition)


You can’t be sure that your content matches the search intent of those keywords. (Intent)


Most importantly… You’ve got no idea what you have to do in order to create THE BEST piece of content on that topic. After all, you can only expect to rank in the top 10 if you are creating a top 10 piece of content. (Benchmark)

It’s a bit like running a race with a blindfold on. You can’t see your competitors, you can’t see the track – and you definitely can’t see the finish line. Little surprise that so many people end up running in completely the wrong direction!

We can do better than this – right?!

Our answer is unequivocal: Yes!

After lots of research and experimentation, we’ve developed a strategy that we believe fixes content creation, giving every single piece the best possible chance of success.

It’s a scalable, repeatable process – driven by data – that transforms the way content is ideated and created.

By investing heavily in researching the audience and competition, we ensure that every piece isn’t just a ‘topic’ or ‘title’ but a content opportunity, tied to a specific goal.

We know exactly what we’re writing about; we know that our article focus matches the intent of our targeted keywords; and we know what we have to do to make our piece a success, when benchmarked against others on the topic.

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