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Nord Safety Case Study
Software Video

Requirement: A fresh, funny, yet formal video that showcases this smart mobile solution

Account Manager
Adam Cain

The Requirement

NordSafety is a smart mobile solution for the health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ) industry. A start-up when they first came to Wyzowl, NordSafety recognised that reporting and leadership within HSEQ was changing, so they created a solution to improve HSEQ productivity by over 60%.

They wanted their video to be as fresh and innovative as their software, and were happy to give us free rein to be creative. When it came to the tone of the video, NordSafety wanted to strike a balance between humorous and formal, and to show their solution in a positive and natural way to present it as part of an everyday routine to their prospective customers.

The Solution

Getting creative is our team’s favourite thing to do, so being given free rein from NordSafety was exciting for everyone involved. The fact that the EHS (environmental, health, and safety) industry at the time wasn’t really exploring creative marketing gave us even more freedom to create a unique video.

When it came to writing the script, our copywriter, Adam, concentrated on the fact that, as innovative as the software was, NordSafety wanted to portray it as something that customers could easily implement into their daily routine. As such, he created the phrase “making safety a habit” – and the client loved it!

Software videos can go in a couple of different directions. You can record the video directly from the software or app (this is particularly useful if you want to demonstrate the features of your software), or you can create an animated video (to increase brand awareness and spark interest). NordSafety opted for an animated video, and as such, Mark designed an illustrated version of the software, so that it would look natural while in the scene with animated characters.

Our animator, Kiran, was then required to animate this illustrated version of the software in a similar fashion to the way it moves in reality. He timed the animation to an upbeat, catchy song to create a fun video that helps viewers understand all of the benefits that NordSafety has to offer.

Adam Hayes

Mark Moore

Kiran Parmar

The Result


– XXX, Nord Safety

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