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Eat Right Case Study
Healthcare Video

Requirement: A detailed and informative food hygiene video
Account Manager
Matt Byrom

The Requirement

EatRight required a series of different videos to raise awareness of different issues that arise when preparing food. The titles for their videos were: ‘Wash’, ‘Separate’, ‘Cook’ and ‘Refrigerate’. Each of the videos had important messages to convey and it was important to represent each one accurately.

The client had many ideas for their script. EatRight was happy for our copywriter to review these, refine and/or cut them accordingly. However, when it came to design, the client’s vision was very clear. It was our job to make this a reality.

The series had a large intended audience and was to be used on the Academy of Nutrition website, so the pressure was on to make some incredible videos!

The Solution

An educational and colourful video series

When it came to creating the video series, we took everything the client told us and kept it in mind. Samantha, the copywriter assigned to the project, worked with the client to create four scripts focused on each separate subject, all around 60 seconds in length

Our illustrator, Matt, worked on all four storyboards simultaneously. He ensured that the style remained consistent throughout the series by using the same brand colours and fonts in each video. Martin, our animator, then brought the message to life and really helped to get the client’s message across.

As these videos were part of a series, our in-house team worked together closely to ensure that everything moved smoothly for the client and that the message remained consistent from the script to the final product. The result? Four amazing videos that the client was extremely happy with!

Samantha Ferguson
Matt Waring
Martin Bailey

The Result

“I had a very positive experience working with Wyzowl and think they did an excellent job on my videos. They created four motion graphic videos as part of a series and I was happy with each one of them. They also were quick to respond and fix any mistakes. I would definitely work with Wyzowl again and highly recommend them.”
– Amanda Cohen, Eat Right

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